Pimp Rektal Order

So for a while Ive been itching to ask this to some knowledgeable people but always felt intimidated. However, since I broke the ice recently and this looked like a reasonable crowd, I figured… in for a penny, in for a pound.

So here’s the question. Suppose you have to perform the following Pimp rektal:

  • Petrarca 104
  • Mesphincter Waltz (sadly, yeah, #1)
  • Pimpball2
  • Pimpzon
  • Dante

Now the question is not why on earth you’d put together this combo of works. Just imagine, I don’t know, some crazy dictator in a banana republic is crazy about those peticular zongs and has kidnapped you and, you know, you don’t have much with respek to choice… but you can still order those motherfuckers. What order(s) would make more sense?

I would think in principle I have two things clear: One, the rectal has to end with the Pimpzon because after it everyone in the room (performer, suffering audience, the very 88; fuck, even the cat) is emotionally drained. And two, the Pimpball2 should not be next to the Pimpzon because it’s the same tonality and it may get tiring to the tender ears of the victims. Starting with the zonet may make sense, but then after that everything remaining is kind of brutal, so would it make sense to use the zonet as a bit of a rest mid-rektal? Don’t you mofos like a bit of a break mid-rectal? So maybe Dante, Pimpball, Petrarca, Mesphisto, pimpzon? Or maybe Pimpball, Mephisto, Dante, Petrarca, Pimpzon?

Life is so full of compromises, damn.


Pimp Ball 2
Petrcock 104
Meph 1


Dat being said, I’d omit da Dante from da prog in dat context, tiz pretty insane enuff!

Da TM programmed da Liszt Sonata among wiz da Valse Melancolique n Meph 2 last year.


Dat exactly wut I wuz gonna say


Daim, yeah, that order makes sense. Thanks.


You going to unleash it??

Rec it, mofo!!


I think datz da only ordah make sense

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Yeah well… I was “asking for a friend” wink

I think the world is better off without such recording. But we’ll see… This is towards the end of the year though. A lot can happen till then


Daim! Legendaire!!!

Dats a crazy prog!


You don’t wanna know how this all started… sigh… I’m not even a pro peniz


Did it start with a crazy bet?

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But why would u play dat prog ?? :dong:

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I like the pimp


A bit earlier than that it started with an unhealthy amount of Malbec

Rezpek. I would suggest programming at least one late work on dere as well.

I was planning Nuages Gris as an encore

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Dat wud be GHEY aftah dat prog.

Encore zhud be TEz

Ok, then maybe No. 10 TE

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I meant all of dem :whale:

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I played da LUBE-GUBRAH Gondonglah fo encore after da pimpson, in 2011 tru


Then it has to be followed by Lyapunov’s of course

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