POLL: Bach vs. Mozart vs. Beethoven: Preferred Piano Music

A simple poll putting in the “big three” classical composers.

Pick the one whose PIANO works are your most preferred.

    1. J. S. Bach
    1. W. A. Mozart
    1. L. V. Beethoven

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You may also leave a comment as to why you chose that composer.

My choice: J.S. Bach.
Reason: I just like Baroque keyboard works, the dryness of it yet the emotionality behind it. And the intellectual appeal. Bach is basically just a win-win type of composer.

(2nd Choice: Beethoven - Most overtly emotional, but sometimes too heavy and grungy; 3rd Choice: Mozart - Elegant and beautiful but can get kind of boring and repetitive, like a lot of pop music.)

If da :nigga: duznt win diz I vil be very zhocked

BEETHOVEN by a mile.

Especially since Bach didn’t write any PIANO works


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Yes but hey, they are played on piano!

Overall (non-piano) I’d take Bach, because nothing matches the pre-existential intensity of Bach’s solo violin G minor Sonata (Grumiaux).

For piano, probably Bach too. Too many amazing works.


Bach dominating so far!

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HAHAHA da BACH takin an unpredicktable early lead

But to be fair if Schubert wuz part ov diz poll…he wud be da lieder :sunglasses:


Plz stop


Nope! You can’t stop my research.

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HAHAHAH da ZART iz lyk da harzh 3rd party candidate in diz poll

Every mofo noe a vote fo da ZART wud be a wazte of ballot papah :sunglasses:

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Theoretically my studies could be stopped, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop putting them out there!

I’m going to hound this forum. Hound it with surveys of the like. The world is a competition, piano is competition - that is why there are piano competitions. It is about a ladder of art. So it makes sense to uncover the truths of this unfortunate reality.

The education you provide will be worthwhile to the future of music, rest assured!

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It isn’t really formal research, just easy to access knowledge for people like myself.