POLL: Bach vs. Mozart vs. Beethoven: Preferred Piano Music

Just look at all the International Piano Competitions around. And the Guiness World Record set by Octave_Revolutionary. Heck even this forum seems to be a parody of the whole concept of piano as a show-off tool.

I personally think it’s something of a tall order to consider such surveys as “bullshit” - a lot of studies have to deal with information regarding the tastes of people in a society. There’s a lot to be learned about these perceptions. I personally find it highly intriguing, for instance, how Beethoven is constantly preferred over Mozart.

I don’t really care who is the best of them, that is not the point. I only am ever interested in the perceptions of people. The general consensus seems to be that Bach is preferred the most of the three (when considering their total output besides piano) with Mozart as the least - I remember a thread from Talk Classical that showed these results.


u noe u iz a LEGEND when u iz about to rizk yo azz gettin banned from da ZPEED DEMON COMMUNITY by bein TOO OBZEZZD wiz ZPEED :sunglasses: REZPEC


But that is surely only a part of it only, right? Also, I would disagree that this forum is “a parody of the whole concept of piano as a show-off tool”. It is more about the whole concept of piano as

a demonic, fierce display of fiery ZPEED :sunglasses:

But seriously, it is simply a place of like minded individuals to talk about music (for some, also to share music).

There’s a limit?

Have other members ever been banned for this “obsession” you speak of?

I thought this was the forum where people could avoid this very attitude that’s prevalent in sites like Pianostreet. I guess that’s why I tend to bombard it with those questions.

In fact, I had signed up here by virtue of a recommendation from opus10no2, saying that this was the place that catered to “a number of professional pianist there, they tend to be obsessed with technical skill, formidable displays of speed etc.”

So I generally find this forum more enjoyable, in large part because the replies are much faster. But I hope there will be at least less of the criticisms regarding obsessions over speed, simply because I had thought that that was what this forum was actually all about.

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Let me explain. Some forum members indeed like speed and technique, but we tend to discuss it more like “here’s this inzane utub videeo, check diz mofo out” rather than “who is fastest” “what’s the tempo you like” etc. The important thing being the trifecta ov DASDC:

SPEED :zif:
CG (“comedic gensui” or “comedic genius” in english) :zepp:
FURY :gav:

Hahaha exactly :sunglasses:

DAIM I feel an SDC civil war BREWIN

I iz fo zhor on da TEMPOz zide. Rezpec :approved:

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Ahh, I see.

I guess it’s my own obsession then.

Let me get this straight though - what makes it different from 88st then, aside from the strange lingo? There isn’t really any inhibition to post “awesome furious” videos in there, right?

Hmm, a little more and I may get the gist of this.

The videos where Antonio Domingos puts claims of being the “fastest” there is? That, to me, was what this forum felt like it was going to be about.

Domingos seems a good enough pianist for instance to know that such claims are silly, but decides to go in it for the ride anyway, sometimes resulting in criticism. I guess my agenda was…somehow the same. But as I said, I’d wager both of us know a thing or two beyond the amateurish idea of piano being about speed.

I dunno. I suspect I might have a mild case od Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (which imo is in some ways helpful to piano maybe). But people like Domingos remind me that I’m not the only one, and that satisfies me.

I’m not one of those people who takes “fastest” at face value though. I often delve into these things, scrutinise recordings, determine what makes a pianist sound “fast”. Don’t take it too literally.

Really though - were there members banned for something like this? What’s the history there?

I vil juz zay dat a few memberz - like iamcanadian - vil find yo makin numerouz topicz lyk diz annoying.

I don’t find it dat annoying, but othaz do…

In ordah tokeep peace I wud harzhly zuggezt U…zlow down and maybe inztead ov creatin loadz ov nu topicz, keep a dizcuzzion goin in one topic. Zome membaz wud be lezz annoyed dat way.

I want u to ztick around zo if U juz bear deze zheeyatz in mind, u vil not annoy certain memberz who are more irritated than otherz by conztant pollz and ‘pianoztreet’ ztyle topicz


Okay, so let me guess - this forum was designed as a haven for piano nerds to discuss piano “in peace”, i.e. away from common 88st topics like “best pianist” or “fastest pianist” etc.?

And then, a newcomer like me decides to post a load of those same topics, resulting in the annoyance of old members who thought they had already gotten rid of people who kept posting those stuff at 88st.

I think I see it now. Iamcanadian seemed distasteful of 88st in my other thread, claiming it tedious like that thread of mine, without actually explaining why. I’m not going to demand an explanation from him, but I was quite curious as to why that attitude was displayed.

Like I said, this is something of a new environment for me, and, fortunately, other members there explained his short statements in detail, forfeiting his need to reply.

To get to the point, things aren’t the way I expected:

I never thought 88st was a place full of such virtuosity or showmanship-infused threads. I thought that that sort of thing was exactly what was frowned upon, which is why this community wqs created (or was this website actually made first?).

So my mentality was somewhat the other way around: I thought pianostreet was the place people didn’t like threads about speed, nd this was the rebellion against that. Well, there seems to be some line drawn in there. But I’m only about to notice it.

But yes, of course, I’m not going to relentlessly barrage the forum with such threads. However, I am thinking of making surveys in Google, and then maybe posting the links in here every now and then. Rest assured, these sorts of thread shall be kept to an economical minimum.

Anyway, yes I do respect your advice, boss. Thanks for the tip.

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Tru but I iz harhly not da admin or mod around here and I don’t want a very enthusiaztic and nice guy to be banned from here juz fo bein too enthuziaztic and creatin loadz ov poztz

I haf azpergerz zyndrome myzelf and have been prone to zocial awkwardnezz and ‘overpozting’ in da pazt due to a combination ov huge enthuziazm and a lack ov zocial zkillz - or knowing when I ‘pozted too much’ , ‘created pointlezz inane topicz’ or ‘got annoying’.

Diz iz partly why I am empathetic towardz da ‘tempo’ and hope he doezn’t become oztracized.


Just to be clear, is this sort of hostility common among a bunch of members here, or only Iamcanadian?

I haven’t seen any other objection in my other polls actually.

Thanks for your understanding though.

ahahahaha regardin da EXTREMOFO

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See? His posts are encouraged. Why wouldn’t mine be?

This doesn’t seem to make any sense!


Ok to lighten diz up and help uz get to know yobadzhelf. Hu are your favorite lezzer known cumpozahs and what do u like about dey m*zik?

Maybe post a poll?


Well, Liszt Scriabin and Joplin are I’d say my top 3 for piano music. Liszt being slightly higher than the 2.


  1. Liszt - Spontainety, daring, a general questioning and reflective manner in the music. Prefer his middle period the most. Favourites: Ricordanza (favorite piano piece ever), Apparitions, Chasse Neige, Consolation no. 2, Liebestraume no. 1, Villa Este fountains, Benedicion.
  2. Scriabin - The hippie of the early 20th C. Mystic and visionary, the creativity of his music blossoms as a result of his optimism. Some favourites: Sonata no. 4, Concerto (for me better than Rach 2 lol), Fantasy in bm, Etudes op. 42.
  3. Joplin - Incomprehensible beauty at such simple a form as ragtime. The groove adds to the odd mix of joy and sorrow. Favourites: Gladiolus Rag (favourite of all Joplin), Bethena, Rose Leaf Rag.

Hahah rezpec!

Joplin iz a mofo VERY RARELY dizcuzzed around here, rezpec fo zhoutin him out


Hahaha da X :sunglasses:

Actually I think u can create a poll with each pozt within a topic zo da tempo cud juz keep dem all in 1 topic zo anyone annoyed by it can juz avoid dat topic