Prepare yo azz fo da LUBE - Lubomyr Melnyk

This has to be trolling…

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“Nothing has happened with the piano for 300 years – since 1650, nothing,” he said. "What Scarlatti was doing, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev were still doing, 300 years later.

“Finally something new has happened in the world of the piano. It’s terrible to think I could be the first and the last to do this.”

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da zupah penizdick level

fuckkkkkkkkk a KAZTLE level GENSUI fo zhor :sunglasses:

Yep, that’s the way it was.

I think I saw him in Harry Potter.

Think he’s touring the UK now. I challenge him to an ARPZ DUEL!

AHAHAHAHA fuckkkkk open bookiez rite now!!

da zepp vil put all hiz ZIFFRO n even mortgage all hiz SDC azzetz on da FEZTIN BOB MOFO to win diz :sunglasses:


Hahaha dayum!

AHAHAHAHA i juz liztened to diz whole ‘new age rectal’ while emailin ma triad contactz:

n tiz actually

a LEGIT ztylee of penizm wiz REZPECABLE m*zicality!!! TRU da FURY buildup in a middle a bit legendary. in da zepp objective opinion, diz impro/compo cud becummah a CLAZZIC if cut into a 5min zheeyat :sunglasses:


tiz ztill debatable whethah diz mofo can actually unleazh arpz ovah mo den TWO octavez in eithah hand :sunglasses:

zo when da FEZTIN BOB DUEL DIZ MOFO, make zhor da cuntezt iz ovah 3 octavez or mo n tiz an inztant ALL-IN

even da ROBBAH vil not fuckup diz bet tru :sunglasses:


Dat mofo is basically da greatest salesman of all tym. :sunglasses:

A bit zl*w.

Zhotz fired :smiling_imp:

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Diz mofo iz 90% mofo 88 guru look n 10% 88 zkills (or lack thereof)

As fo da compoz, dey iz eitha grammy award zountrack level or pure zheeyat, I dun noe yet :sunglasses:

A nu bob vid cummah?

OK. If I get home at a reasonable time tonight before the neighbours are asleep :joy:

In the meantime I’ll cheat by posting da studio arpz. Just for da title☺

It haff a bad edit in it :blush: :roll_eyes:



da BOB bazically a tru maztah of da FURY ZWIPE ON TOP arp unleazh move, diz an ezzential SDC tech tru!!!

alzo tiz pozz da LUBE can play diz

if he zimplify da RH into 2-oct arpz only inztead of da 3-4 written :sunglasses:


Hahaha mannnn

I c, da LUBE will pozzibly haff to try an

ARPZ GLIZZ by muting zum keys - to upstage dat! :sunglasses:

ahahahah if da LUBE want to zurvive diz DUEL, he muz learn…

da HANDFIZH :sunglasses:


Da lube clearly a self promotion guru

Da extrememofo zpeaketh on da LUBE! -


Da lube should compete at da special olympics, then he’d get the recognition he deserves. Pozz.

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