Rachmaninov, Shostakovich Cello Sonatas

Rachmaninov Cello Sonata op.19
Daniel Shafran, Yakov Flier

Shostakovich Cello Sonata
Daniel Shafran, Dmitry Shostakovich

lesdjinns.com/dasdc/kreso/Ra … onatas.rar


lesdjinns.org/dasdc/kreso/Ra … onatas.rar

(you forgot the ‘s’ after lesdjinns)

ehehe, thanks!

Respect! Thanks!

moar lyk da 2nd N in djinns 8)

Damn, da Rach Cello Sonata…

pleaseee!!! rE UP!!!

i think da .org server expires

True. Sorry lesdjinns.org is soon to be no more.

Anyone who posted there, the new site is lesdjinns.com

connect to ftp://lesdjinns.com

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Now it’s fixed, sorry for troubles!

Iz not as furiouz as da Ax murdah and Ma’s, but still good

… What’s so furious about the Ma-Ax Sony recording?

Nothing, but nothing, can ever come close to Kapell’s.

Have you heard Leonskaja/Schiff? For me it’s perfect in every way.

don’t have it
care to convert me?

You mean Heinrich Schiff, not the other retard right?

Heinrich Schiff is an amazing, amazing cellist. Please share it, if you have the time. Any Rach Cello recording is worth hearing if the pianist is decent.

Special mention to Brendan aka slapnutz. You da man for recording it.

I agree on the Kapell rec. legendary stuff

Leonskaja / Schiff


Please let me know what you think of this rec. It’s probably my favourite rec.

That was amazing. Really.

I liked it, for the piano more than the cello.

Well I think his sound is a bit thin, but otherwise I think the cello playing is quite fine.