request: any Milko Kelemen piano solo stuff

I know there are several suites of pieces as well as a Theme and Variations (quite rare and OOP score i think) and a piano sonata, currently in print. Anybody have a recording of any of his piano stuff they could upload?

I heard a solo flute piece once that was really brilliant

i dont think many people are going to respond to this, so ill be the first (and probably only one) to respond.

i havent heard any of his solo works, nor do i know where to get them. however, i have a piece called mirabilia for piano, ring modulator, and 2 orchestral groups. i have no idea whst it sounds like, for i havent heard anything by this guy. ill end up listening to it later. if youre interested, let me know.

Haha, you are lucky! Kelemen is Croatian composer; I’ll try to get some CDs of his music; only thing I can offer to you now is Theme and variations, played by the young Ivo Pogorelich (on his first CD for Croatia Records, alongside with stunning Prokofiev 6th sonata and one Debussy Prelude).

oh wow, i had no idea pogo recorded any of his music. if you can get anything of his, that would be great.

Yeah, he was very young and I think he had to play it for Yugoslavian Public Competition in Zagreb. He was 16 then (recordings was made few year after that) and probably he played that Kelemen there. What is sure is that he played in finale (16 year old!) 2nd Rachmaninov Concerto, in normal way :slight_smile:

I found a cd of chamber music in Cornell’s library yesterday, I’ll have a listen later… and also the score of a piano piece which I don’t believe is recorded… this guy kinda intrigues me.

and kreso, that sounds like a great rec, i’d love to hear it

jre, i’m not too interested in his electroacoustic stuff, would you like me to put up the chamber music?

yeah jred, please put that up. id like to hear it.

Kelemen - Theme with Variations
Milko Kelemen Theme with Variations for piano.pdf (806 KB)

YOU, are a LEGEND!!! massive respect

thanks so much for this!

hahaha I was looking again for this Kelemen score,

googled it

and this thread came up

so much for dasdc being a place ‘not hounded by googlebots’ or whatever da TM said :dong:

rezpec to da @kreso … This link to the score STILL WORKS hahahahah

downloaded again :sunglasses:

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