SCRIB vs PRICK sonataz

Perhaps you missed the “with that being said, I chose Scriabin”.

My profile picture is also of a guy whose style didn’t really go anywhere

No that’s just a personal choice. Above that you said that his style didn’t really go anywhere.

I’m not trying to start a fight, it just seems like you’re trying to cast aspersions for no reason at all

Well like you said, uniqueness isn’t an aspersion. I was trying to imply that the bigger influence of Prokofiev does not necessarily mean that his sonatas are better which is why I chose Scriabin. This was in response to Comme saying that Prokofiev is a bigger name in the musical world and had a bigger impact.


Haha u cud argue dat BACHz ztyle went nowhere

who da fuck immediately followed hiz ztyle? nobody in da immediate future, he wuz a bit ov a ztandalone gensui ztill writin labyrinthine fuguez while light rococo zheeyatz wuz becummin popular

And u cud alzo argue BEETHOVENz ztyle went nowhere

who zoundz lyk Beethoven aftah him? zure u can hear general progrezzion ov ztylez but afta Beethoven came compozaz lyk Chop, Zhoe, Pimp, dey totally different

U take gensui workz lyk da lazt few zonataz and dey iz workz ov zuch uniquenezz dat u can’t really trace any workz afta dem dat zound at all lyk dem

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Tru I meant bigger becuz hiz balletz concertoz zymphz chambah and orcheztral workz are popular

Zcrib really iz juz quite well known in da 88 world

Azk a Clazzic FM liztenah here in da UK and dey vil not haf even heard hiz name but dey vil haf heard petah and da wolf n montaguez n crapuletz etc :dong:


Well, I don’t know about that. Beethoven influenced everybody even if nobody sounded exactly like him. And plenty of spots in the symphonies/concerti of Schumann and Brahms sound a whole lot like Beethoven. Not to mention the piano concertos of Mendelssohn and Chopin- for Chopin it’s the orchestration that sounds like discount Beethoven.

Well even in terms of piano I think Prokofiev has a lot more influence on future works

Tru, directly. But ndirectly da Zcrib alzo becuz da PRICK wuz alzo influenced by da Zcrib

20 yrz hiz zeniah and abzolutely nobody wuz free ov Zcribz influence

He wuz da eaztern european equiv ov Debuzzy

Uzin nu chordz, widenin da harmonic pallate from wut da Pimp n Wagnah did

Zcrib zounded delibaretly opulent and otha compozaz zounded mo metrically rhythmic n lezz free-metre but da zcrib ztill wuz revolutionary

Zcrib wuz born 20 yrz befo da Prick and da Prick iz a fuckin conzervativ cumpoza cumpared to da Zcrib man :sunglasses:


Sergei Prokofiev admired the composer, and his Visions fugitives bears great likeness to Scriabin’s tone and style.


I can see Scrib in Sorabji


I am Zub-zcribin to da belief dat Prick iz Zub-Zcriabin :sunglasses:

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But fo real dey iz both legendz tru. U iz correct dat da zheer wet opulent drugged out grandeur ov zcriabin’z myzticizm didint hav az much impact az da Prickz 20th century dry zardonic ztylee.

Prickz wuz da muzik ov a nu induztrial world, whereaz da Zcribz wuz juz muzik ov anotha world entirely :doc:


Tru but dat porno wuznt releazd :underage::sunglasses:


Definitiv interpz ov 2 n 3 -


I also listen to all of them, especially 2-4

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Same, I’m as homogenous with Prokofiev as with Scriabin. With Scrib I’m not very familiar with 8 and 9, with Prok 5 and 9. I like all others from both of them.

Haha tru da Prick 5 n 9 are da only 2 I’ve not found memorable

1 iz actually very good and people zay tiz befo he found hiz voice but itz ztill unique…zlitely romantic but not lyk any otha compoza at all, definitely individual

2 fo zhor found hiz voice, 3 a compact clazzic, 4 wikid, and da thrillogy ov da 6 7 8 juz legendary

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Op.1 is pretty noisy, but yeah I like it. 2 and 8 are my favs. Honestly if there’s one which hangs loosely from Prokofiev with me it’s #6.

And speaking of 1st sonatas why is no one playing Scriabin’s Op.6? I love that one!



Even da 2 zonz befo no1 are good.

Haf u heard da legendary U-MAT prezto in da zcrib1? :sunglasses: