Sir András Schiff takez a giant Schitt on Modern Audiences 💩

“….the quality and general culture of audiences has diminished in equal measure……The average listener of today has hardly the faintest idea about what he is hearing. He neither knows anything about new music, nor can he differentiate between outstanding, moderately good and poor performances.”
Sir András Schiff

& diz article az a rebuttal -

  • I agree wiz da Zchitt
  • I agree wiz da article author - da Zchitt iz full ov Zchitt :poop:

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Schiff’s statement is obviously true. However, I am not sure it’s that important. What’s important is whether the audience appreciates the music. If they do appreciate good music that’s what counts.


Schiff is mostly correct, but he’s also being an arsehole.

And were audiences of the 1830s really super musically literate? I have my doubts.

I think expressing such views is tbh deeply unhelpful. “yes more people should come to classical concerts” (I assume :thinking:) yet if you tell your prospective audience they are uncultured cunts with no taste that hardly encourages them. Sometimes it is enough to enjoy something even if you don’t fully understand it.


tiz nevah a gud zign when u haff to zay to yo payin audience:

“actually, let me tell u how zheeyat u iz” :sunglasses:


Da audience eazy cumback: “fo sho our tazte muzt be a bit sheeyat, we came to hear you”


After Schiff is done teaching Richter how to play Haydn, he can teach audiences about music.


Lezt we forget:



Audiences being unable to distinguish quality a large part of schiff being able to program post classical era works. :sunglasses:


That explain’s Schitt’s success :dong:

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