Small Hands?

I’d be curious to know whether having small hands is generally a disadvantage for playing the virtuoso piano literature? My hands are very small and I always considered this a great limitation for playing most of the piano literature I know. I’m not a pianist, so it’s no tragedy, but it’s pretty annoying.
Now, of course there is this one example of a great pianist who had very small hands - deLarrocha - and could nevertheless play Rach3 I think. But I guess there are not so many other pianists with such small hands?
On the other hand, are large hands generally an advantage?

tiz not da size but yo zkill :pimp:

zmall handz iz advantageouz fo fast fingerwork

generally true, but i had a student once who was talented as hell and could barely take an octave… the chord C E G C was impossible, she had to pick either E or G and leave the other one out. that’s a case where it really makes things difficult

I have almost the same problems, it’s really a pain if you can hardly play an octave, and if you do play octaves, you tend to add some notes that weren’t composed … :frowning:

in my case, it does not matter that much, but it’s very sad for your student

that’s at least something :smiley:

there are ways around this with flexibility and correct technique, but it’s a rather sad fact that pianists with bigger hands will always have an advantage. the comfort of people that can prax 10/1 in chords. fuck them :dong:

I can hardly reach a 10th, so it’s not as bad as hardly being able to reach an octave, but small hands really make it easier to overstrain yourself.

I reckon my hand span has gotten smaller than say 5 years ago, there are some tenths (from a black to white note) that I can’t get comfortably. For the most part it’s not a problem but I’ll never be able to play Tatum (LH striding chords with tenths in them!), although even if I had the span, I wouldn’t be able to play it.

Small hands are advantagous for fast scalish passages or some Bach pieces I’d say :slight_smile:

and for stuff like chopet 25/6

i so damn agree with this


small hands - better for playing chromatic scales with the standard fingering.

Btw, how small are these “small hands” we’re talking about? And how big are the big ones?

I know that Hofmann had a special piano made for him, which made an octave into 7 keys. But he could still play the standard instrument, after all, during his triumph days in the 1910’s and 1920’s he played the standard instruments on his tours.

Wow, his hands were THAT small? Are you saying that he can’t reach an octave? Sorry, I r noob in da piano universe :blush:

during his triumph days in the 1910’s and 1920’s he played the standard instruments on his tours.

I think that at least a comfy 1-5 octave is essential to play mixed tech like pimp works, tru.

If you can take a 1-4 oct, you is GUD to go for basically da entire piano rep.

As long as your hands are flexible that’s the main thing which should be the case if you practise enough.
ADL had tiny hands and she still played Rachmaninoff.
Meanwhile, there was actually a girl on da sdc?! Mind = blown. :comme:

I think Raisha was probably a dude, tru?

And no, that was not one of LEGION of TRUMOFO leecher-drones

well it’s marked as “female” for what ever that’s worth.