Sub 4min Liszt TE8 tru (FUCK!) XxTREME WaRnInG (SD-17 rated)

8) tru 8)

Not for the faint of heart.
Zepp, can u confirm dat Diz a raw benchmark speed record? 8)

Parental supervision is advised

FUCKKKKKK: da Zepp confirms dat Diz a raw speed record.
Possibly, if one skips sum notes and also makes a minor cut, a 3 min version is possible 8)

Wiz cheating I can pozz get Diz mofo down to 3 minz 8)

Also, think of the children and don’t watch without headphones. 8)
Diz a bit SD-17 rated 8)

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Raw fury :astonished: rezpek diz unleazh!!!

Trumofo is one badass mofo!

Now I haff to sit down and clean dis mofo out, every leap etc.
Jeez 8)

But… tru 8)

Zepp: ur xpertize iz needed: Cud this hold da raw unleazh record wiz no cheatin? 8)





cummah zhortly 8)

Haha if I suffer a freak accident n die rite now

Diz Private-eye uncovahed vid would be a bit embarrassing.

Pluz mah sexy texts to a former student n da JAV from this morning 8)
And maybe my search history from da past 10 years 8)

And also da GF I kept secret for 3 years 8)



da clazzic ZIFF NAIL CLICKAH NOIZE!!! diz indickative of a TRULY LEGENDARY interp regardlezz of any otha qualitiez tru :sunglasses:

0’20 AHAHAHA da NAIL CLICKAH now clearly accentuatin da DOWNBEAT, fuckkkkkkk REZPEC da TRUMOFO fo inventin a nu 88 zound 8)

0’28 AHAHAHAHA da ZCALE ORGY inztantly recallin da legendary TRUMOFO improz from da SDC clazzical era :dong:

howevah, diz noztalgia only laztz a sec b4


now tranzitionin into da happy bouncy part of diz zumwut dark zong :sunglasses:

1’21 AHAHAHAHA DIZ POZZ DA FAZTEZT LH EVAH, about 1.4 tymz da zpeed of da ZLIT ridin hood rocket LH :sunglasses:

2’32 AHAHAHAHAH DA TRU ZPEED CUMMAH FUCKKKKK!!! tiz lyk, a GIANT OCTOPUZZ zuddenly appearED out of da buzhez 8)

3’00 AHAHAHAHA FUCKKKKK DA LEAPZ, diz inzane accuracy a bit dizturbin 8)

3’17 AHAHAHA da TRUMOFO independently dizcovah da bezt rhythm fo diz zect, da moz natural rhythm at DIZ zpeed


HAHAHAH DA PRICK TOK zect now zound lyk dat CHORDAL CADDY in da fuckin TOT FUCK!!! 8)

AHAHAHAHAH da FINAL PHOTOFINIZHIN ZQUEEZE!!! da TRUMOFO clearly eyein da 3’40 mark on hiz :stop:

AHAHAHAH da JURY vil now award da official :stop: :gold:


TRU diz iz now da undizputed OFFICIAL RECORD fo da TE8, correctly 8)

randomly note: if a 3’30 RECTUM zoviet rec evah zurfacez, i vil perzonally dizqualify it due to lack of vizualz, or excezzive rape, or both 8)

Tru! I tried to go fo 3:30 8)

Now, pozz da interp I should be aiming for in my official sheeyat wud be around 4:30 or even 4:45 8)

Da next month I will carefully choreograph da facials 8)

Hahahaha zepp approval!

Man! I’m sure da rectum unleashed a sub 3:30 rec in his 1945 soviet comp unleash. Apparently da lights went out during da perf, and he unleashed most of da perf in da dark until sumbody put sum candles near da 88

Tru, da candles swiftly got extinguished n fell inside da 88!

Imagine a rec of that surfacing

Whut if I send this rec in for sum comp prescreenings!

Or better yet, unleash Diz in a live comp and get escorted out by security aftah, possibly being tasered after hitting da leaps 8)

Man. I’m pretty sure I cud get shot during a perf if I play like this in one ov my conservatory rectals 8)

AHAHAHAHAH diz iz bazically a PIMP COMP winnin perf u MOFO!! 8)

zend diz in fo prezcreenin n dey vil pazz u ztraight to da final

if da jury had any BALLZ tru :sunglasses:



Da ideal perf is something between these tru extremes

But to find it, one must try something like Diz in practice, tru.
Diz rec strictly for DASDC only 8)


sl*w 8)

Mildly tru :blush:

For the record: my normal interp of this mofo, usually a sub 5 min sheeyat, 4:45 on average 8)

Altho, I have an old vid where it’s like a 5:30 mofo
Damn, even if I rec a vid taking 2 cocks in my ass at once

It still won’t match dat level of gheyness.
Nothing is worse den careful PIMP playing.


in watchin deze inzane TRUMOFO unleazhez

i juz realized da importance of BREATHIN az part of 88 tech

lyk a fuckin OLYMPIC ZWIMMAH, u need to train da LUNGZ az well az handz/armz/fingahz to unleazh fo zuztained periodz 8)

da zepp wud zumtymz juz hold hiz breath fo 90 secz to unleazh a chopet, but diz approach dun zeem work fo da 4min+ PIMPETz, fo mildly medickal reazonz 8)

diz lack of BREATHIN TECH wud zumtymz make moi feel lyk



Also, da physiological aspect.
To practice wiz extreme relaxation n chillness.
A lot of the work on some of da more hardcore endurance songs like da TE 8 or even da ERLDONG tranny, iz finding dat G-spot where u is ztill alert but not overly tense.

Memory wise too, for a long rectal, not to play wiz too much mental strain but ratha set up certain things to happen naturally while u merely adjust minor things along da way.

I learned da hard way after I blew my load in da first half wiz da Bachbuz chaconne n chopzon 2, n had massive fakerudy in da Prick 6

Da cuntrol of da breazing iz extremely important, tru
Da master Wu showz wut he can do from 11:20


Rezpektable find!