The annual favourite pianists thread

It occurs to me that my top 10 has undergone some changes - so maybe, being the new year and all, it’s time for us to make some new lists.

My 10 favourite pianists:

1 Richter
2 Gilels
3 Gieseking
4 Rubinstein
5 Solomon
6 Kapell
7 Fiorentino
8 A. Fischer
9 Freire
10 Arrau

As you can see, Gieseking has made his way up into the top 3, even though he wasn’t even in my top 10 last year. Solomon as well has made huge gains, while Horowitz has fallen off the list entirely.

haha damn

1 HO/Richter
3 :doc:
4 ziff
5 Attwood
6 Orozco
7 Kapell
8 Ruby
9 Freire
10 tha CANDAIN 10/1


Pianists I listened to a lot more of this year and gained even more respect for:

Petri, Kapell, Bolet, Levy, Kapustin, Medtner, Orozco, Cherkassky

My absolute top favorite pianists:

  1. Moiseiwitsch
  2. Hofmann and Glenn Gould
  3. Schnabel
  4. Rachmaninoff
  5. Horowitz
  6. Richter

Note; I didn’t list people like Friedman, Rosenthal, Busoni and a bunch of other heroes due to the unfortunate paucity of their recordings :dong: :dong: :dong:

dweeb :rudy:

baby don’t hurt me

no mo :whale:

:whale: :laughing:

  1. Hofmann
  2. Fiorentino
  3. Horowitz
  4. Richter
  5. Cziffra
  6. Rachmaninoff
  7. Rubinstein
  8. Cortot
  9. Arrau
  10. Friedman

It starts to get 'in no particular order’ish after the top 4 which remains more or less unchanged since last yr. Gilels has dropped out

oh and solomon will surely make great gains in the coming yr, he has two of the 3 T’s that I look for 'tone and technique, not sure about temp yet, he can be rather dour. Fuck just realised I forgot Ginzburg, he is actually my 5th favourite.

hah. u loze. :rudy:

I will do my best in the coming year to restore Gilels’ place on your top 10.

And I have hopes that the Live Solomon Brahms 1 I just ordered will be legendary, so that could bump him up a few points for you.

Im finally going to admit it (haha maybe to myself as well):

Glenn Gould is my favourite pianist.


and then ofcourse da standards follow:

Annie Fischer

but da G man stands alone for me

Magnum respec. :kan:

I have a VERY hard time working out a numeric ranking (since it’s often very subjective), but on this day, at this hour, etc., here’s my preference:

  1. Gilels
  2. Lupu (tie)
  3. Zimerman
  4. Rzewski (immensely under-appreciated as a pianist)
  5. Aimard
  6. Cziffra
  7. Bolet
  8. Richter
  9. Michelangeli
  10. Orozco

Other greats:
Claude Frank
Annie Fischer
De Larrocha

yeah it is very subjective, there are probably 30 odd pianists that I couldn’t be without.


This thread vud possibly be more interesting if it only included living people

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Top 3, divided by a gnat’s chuff:

  1. Feinberg
  2. Solomon
  3. Richter

I can’t settle beyond those, so in no particular order, and with no guarantee that they’ll be there next week:
Mindru Katz
A. Fischer
E. Fischer

  1. weizz ricther n gav (divided by a gnat’z zheeyat)

In no particular order:

:ziff: :ho: :rock:

Gilels, Kapell, Cortot, Lipatti
Moiseiwitsch, Friedmann, Sofronitsky

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'bout damn time someone other than me gave benno zum due respect. :dong: