The Greatest Asian Pianist?

MOST of the legends of the past have been white/Caucasian dudes.

What with the sheer volume of Asians(including people of Asian heritage) studying piano over the last few decades, there are a LOT of really good pianists.

But who would you personally pick as the greatest? One that you could name in the same breath as legends like Horowitz, Richter etc.

And if you don’t think any have achieved that level of greatness just yet, who shows the most potential to attain it in the future?

None yet. They will come though.

Best one so far: Wang





Uchida and Wang probably.

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Most potential: da zepp :sunglasses:


Ahahahaha rezpecably cuntroverzial :sunglasses:

Tiz hard to say… dere are so many great ones now.

Of course nobody here will take my opinion seriously due to my yellow fever.

Fou Ts’ong.

For some very rezpekable Chopin…

And boning da orgy. :smiling_imp:

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I’ve always wondered if he was the one who was supposed to have played the Bartok-2 Cziffra did on revolution night. Cziffra only identified him as a Chinese pianist, but said he was very good. Who else…?

yeol eum zon iz up ther think :lib:

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That is a very fair point, and he’d just come to prominence.

She plays good repertoire. I would like to see her live.

I’m loving almost everything I hear from Seong-Jin Cho. He has amazing potential, and he’s more versatile than you’d think.

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I regret skipping him last year. He was playing almost the exact same programme I’d just seen Tsuji play, and I wasn’t inclined ro hear it again. Hopefully, I’ll have another chance to hear him soon.

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