The Greatest Asian Pianist?

Yurima !

Numbers don’t lie ; )

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Liu Shikun (or Shikun Liu) perhaps might have been the guy Cziffra was talking about?

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ahahahaha da FATMOFO get da idea!



hahahaahha zepp do u randomly remembah a note perfect bombah at tha hamamatzu comp we once watchd many yearz ago? :sunglasses:
who wuz that mofo?
i think it wuz tha yr tha APHRO playd a gud ztravnizky etude amongzt otha thingz :lib:
thiz one mofo wuz zupah talentd and had a SDC nick but i juz cant remembah who it wuz…

Never heard of him! Why do you think this?

ahahahahah truuuuu

twuz da TRUMIDI :sunglasses:

but dat mofo harzhly went da ZOGO route

n peaked at 12 :sunglasses:

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ok da zepp zpoke too zoon :stopwatch: :sunglasses:

Definitely seeing huge potential in this guy. Subtlety, voicing, sensitivity.

Only lacking some raw ferocity to tip him over the edge to true legend status for me but for ‘smooooth’ playing, he is up there with prime Zimerman.

Haha I remembah da aphro prime 10/2, FF tru combo!

n I think one of dasdc comments wus “whut a wonderful handjob these fingaz would give”

10 years later n now I AGREE.

I heard her in recital live… I remember a great Ho big mac!
Compared wiz da othas I heard in dat hall, she had a crystal clear tone and tasteful pedalling and insane accuracy.

Ahahahah da gensui of da TRUMOFO remembahrin da 10/2 n FF while da ROBBAH mo imprezzed wiz da ztrav et :sunglasses:

Da APHRO look iz a clazzik 10/10 accordin to da zepp :sunglasses:

Da best part is da chick in da red dress, tho da playin iz 7 volz out of 10 :sunglasses:

He competed in the Liszt competition in Hungary in September 1956 (finished 3rd) and so presumably he was around and engaged for concerts afterward. He then went to study with Feinberg. I first heard of him when listening to the 1958 Tchaikovsky competition prizewinners, where he finished tied for second to gold medalist Van Cliburn. Then about 10 years later he went to jail.


Yeah, datz truly fucked.

Yes, why not? Cziffra’s story has stayed in my memory since he bothered to remark that it was a good pianist (although obviously not good enough for the Bartok-2), and good Chinese pianists in 1956…? I haven’t been able to think of many.

WTF? Nojima craps on all other asian pianists.

I have a short video of him (Liu Shikun) on my channel. He’s had a very interesting & intense life, & did great at the Tchaikovsky Comp.

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True, Nojima definitely needs to be in this thread. Short career however, and the Japanese piano people tell me he was rather uninteresting live. They actually don’t seem particularly interested in him themselves, as far as finding live stuff goes.

I think I have only one recital recording with him, and I uploaded that to YT. It was very impressive though (Miroirs). He is consistently at the top level (from what I have heard). I think we can’t say that about other asian pianists.

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In fact, looking him up I see he did perform at least 1973-1998. It feels like he was only around ca 84-94, but in some capacity at least it was apparently quite a bit longer.

It’s been years since I inquired about him now, but from what I recall there was something about the musicians’ life he didn’t enjoy. I seem to recall he neither wanted to give concerts or make studio recordings, and never sought a big career (pozz). There are 40-50 something concerts around with him, but I’ve been advised against them - the playing was apparently, well not bad but unremarkable, ordinary. It is a claim I still mean to test at some point however, but hearing this did make me leave him be at the time.

It would be ironic if Nojima’s most famous recording was…

Made by da :hatto: