The Greatest Southish-American Pianist?

  • Martha Argerich
  • Claudio Arrau
  • Antonio Barbosa
  • Daniel Barenboim
  • Jorge Bolet
  • Arnaldo Cohen
  • Nelson Freire
  • Bruno Leonardo Gelber
  • Horacio Gutierrez
  • Arthur Moreira Lima
  • Guiomar Novaes
  • Jorge Luis Prats
  • Rosita Renard
  • Santiago Rodriguez
  • Roberto Szidon
  • Sergio Tiempo
  • Carlo Vidusso

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This one is perhaps a bit more interesting.


(up to six choices are ok)

Argerich, Bolet, Arrau. My top 3.

Cohen’s Naxos Liszt recording was a revelation to me - the Danse Macabre, Solo Totentanz AND Hugenuttz all legendary.

Yes, I think those three are given. It’s thereafter it starts getting interesting. I’m hugely fond of Prats and Tiempo myself. But, where does that leave Freire? Renard? Novaes? Gelber?

In fact, I changed the max to 6 since I suppose most of us would pick Arg/Arr/Bol. Space for three more behind them.

Need to check your geography on some of these mate.


Shouldn’t it be Latin America? Since technically places like Cuba and Mexico are in North America.

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Ah, true. That’s what I meant - south of the US.

I didn’t screw up with some names regardless, did I? :woozy_face:

I think the names are all legit.

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Not as far as I can tell, I was just making the same point as publius85. I know how enraged my Mexican girls get when people think they are from South America. Anyway, for me the greatest is probably Arrau, then Freire. I suppose if I’m being objective Argerich has to be up there, even though her playing’s never done much for me. I like Prats too, btw. Although I haven’t heard much solo recordings from him.

Same here, but Argerich’s got to be there if I am to stand behind my vote. She is amazing, and you can’t ignore someone like that.

But that’s me - subjective votes are perfectly ok. In fact, I encourage them. The fun with this for me is to hear what you think, not what you think you should think.

I’ll vote tonight, but I think I’m going to drop Freire incidentally. He’s great & like him, but I also find him rather forgettable. I have actually never returned to any of his recordings after the 1st hearing until your 2017 Paris recital.

Prats is wonderful in this gem of a piece.


He’s wonderful in almost anything. I had a ticket for a recital with him in ~2014, but he had to cancel due to problems with his green card. The organizers promised they’d invite him again later, but… not yet. :frowning:

You should listen to the 2014 one from Pleyel too if you haven’t, even though the sound wasn’t great. He played the best nocturne I’d ever heard (tied with Horowitz’s live op 72 in that recital with D960 before his retirement). He has the best crescendo of any pianist that I can think of (perfectly graded). In fact, he’s one of the few pianists I’ll hear in just about anything.

Was listening to Freire’s Bach album last night. It’s full-on furious Bach, but quite captivating in small doses

Deed’s done. Freire ended up in there after all, but it grieves me to have had to leave out Cohen and Tiempo.

Also rezpek da TM who only thought one pianist was worthy of a vote. =)

Barenboim rightly received no votes :sunglasses:

He’s a great musician. Just sadly with shit fingers.

I’d vote for Mangerich too but I dun like supporting MEN IN DRAG. :tm:

Yes, because this is way more appealing :whale: