The next Volodos?

Just listen to the encores at the bottom of the playlist and you know what I mean.
We should keep an eye on this young amazing talent.



Thanks a ton Barny. Last I heard a 17 year old play this well his name was Ben Grosvenor.

2 of the 3 encores are trash but the first one’s beautiful. NIce to know a young Dutch guy’s got this talent.


Firzt encore bored ma azz enough to pozzible zkip but luckily da otha 2 wuz wikid :gav:

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HAHAHAH zum wikid vibez!!!

But alzo zum harzh pure rape in da VOL rappah 13 endin zectz

N wiz da average VOL tranz own perf vz amacha tym differential, I iz expectin any zeriouz pro mofo to aim fo a 4min interp in diz :sunglasses:

Incredible ONDINE

oh man. He’s 17? Massive respect.

Dey mature fast these days!

Gensui playing but those Volodick trannies are wasted calories

Hopefully he learns sum Godo soon. Wikid talent

Impressive, but I hear little Volodos in diz except for fast notes

Zame here

Listened on phone speaker while did other things. Projected all the way through that tinny thing. Most young folks have narrow dynamic range but this mofo!

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Tru diz lil mofo can fuckin play. Very mature

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da hormone treatment ? :lib:

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I mean mooosically mature

When I was 16 I wuz putting da timer on and unleashing da Germrape in 2:30 fo dasdc

Phrasing? Pedaling? Nuances? I just did not give a FUCK:

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that icon reminded me, I checked out da lib facerape this morning. He forgot he is doing a Beethoven sonata cycle starting in two days. Why these mofos spread themselves thin? A complete Beethoven sonata and complete chop god one after the other kind of crazy. Still waiting on his early opera CD to be found at USPS…


So, he will sight rape it?

Mofos spread themselves thin because you gotta grab all the opportunities while you are offered them, otherwise you’ll be out of the business.

Ahh this make sense. I forget Lib not a touring mofo. I hope he site rapes them… would me more interested in that then a the dull literal brain spew he cooks up when prepared… Will fish around to see if its broadcast.

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Ahahahah becuz if he dun

Da zepp iz ready to zub hiz azz on 60sec notice :sunglasses:


Heh, Ok fail for getting a post out of Lib… this guy! Will regroup later.




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