The piece of a Lifetime … -lifetime/

Interesting question and quite interesting answers…

My answer would be probably Goldberg Variations.
If I could have expanded version then the last 5 Beethoven Sonatas as a whole.


Da ZDC 6 min cut version of course 8)

For me the Goldburp Hairyvations as well.

Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes or Ravel’s Valses Nobles et Sentimentales.

On the other hand :doc: it might be safer to pick a piece for one hand as a lifetime piece. In that case I’d pick the Bach-Brahms Chaconne.

Hehe. The Bach/BRAHMS though? Really? It’s always sounded pretty dead to me.

For me this is easy: Chopin’s 4th Ballade. The only serious contenders I can think of are Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Chopin’s Preludes.

Maybe it’s not interesting enough for a listener. The (short) time I worked on it, it was really fulfilling. It gave me a runner’s high after each playthrough.
I shelved it because my right hand still works.

Chopin Preludes is an excellent choice btw.

I guess it’s just since you’re so used to the Busoni, that Brahms sounds a bit barren by comparison

I played the Bach-Brahms too, but only because my right hand doesn’t work.
I’d choose the Liszt sonata as my piece, although thankfully we don’t have to make such choices !

The Bach-Brahms, remember the 20 min Trif version? 8)

Trif is slowing down the same way Ashkenazy did, he picked Sherbert 894 as his lifetime choice. Shameful behaviour :ho:

And :doc: picked Sherbert 960 and plans to torture his audience with it until he dies.


Yeah da doc’s choice made me chuckle :whale:

Am I the only one who doesn’t like da Buz/Bach Chaconne? I think I’m the only one that doesn’t go head over heels for the original.
I have no idea what I would choose. If it’s a piece I’ve played, I really enjoyed playing da pussy preludes. Piece I haven’t played, pozz Schubert something or Pimp Zon, dunno.

Also, who the hell are those first 5 or 6 penists?

Let’s get the pitchforks!

Hehe yeah small wonder with MAH. “I am NOT a virtuoso!” :imp:

Sick people, folks.

Naturally da Dinnerfraud pick

Da only piece in her rep 8)

I second on the Bachrahms love vs. Bachus hate, it takes a HELL of a lot of interp and concentration for it to be compelling, whereas the Buscemi kinda plays itself for most of it, and his added counterpoint sheeyat doesn’t really add anything (to me) worthwile.

If I could play Scribs 4th son (well) I’d be happy :smiley:

I’m a plebe lol…


I propoze da uze of da followin emotizheeyat az da official SDC zeal of dizapproval:



n alzo da fuckin D960

iz dere enuff wikid material in diz zong fo a


Oh god, da doc sherbet d960. A friend of a friend heard him in dis and said it was the dullest muzical experience of his life. I don’t haff the willpower to come to a firsthand evaluation.

My chosen piece wud be da pimp Liebestod trans. Aftah 15 years on it, still to play it exactly how I want, though my ideas have changed slightly over that time.

If not it, then da pimpzon.

No, you’re not the only one. I used to love these fleshy Bach/Pimp Bach/Bus transcripts/arrangements, but not anymore. Since a couple of years I prefer the original Bach pieces only, just like da :rectum: :blush:
Still think though that it’s perfectly fine to play those on a modern grand; in fact they often sound bettah that way. :wink: