Today at 10.00 Polish time , the second stage starts where the comp gets hotter and hotter !! all 30 biatches and penizez will be performin an extraordinary recital combined of , Sonata ; op of Mazurkas and Polonaise ( op22 is included in the rep) …
this way or another … these days are the hottest !!

Da black jap iz da best at making fish-faces dat I have seen so far in dis competition.

8:00 GMT

hahahaaa, diz biatch!

I don’t know if I’m just off japs or what, but dat was da coldest sonata 3 I have ever heard.

NO passion.

Ben Kim:

Dat was one beautiful Sonata 2.

Especially the 4th movement-very fast and almost formless.

N the AS and GPB was spirited as a polonaise should be.

Who would have thought that a little boy could play with more passion than a grown jap bitch?

hahahah twuz a 1’15 sheeeyat. WIKID but slightly dizzapointing 8)

Could you post a pic?

You know-zepp intensely watching da TRUGOD COMP, stopwatch in hand.

I like his Spianato till now :slight_smile: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:


No doubt.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA da LIMPz lazt minute rep change!!! randomly unleashing da son2, avoiding da direct comparizon wiz da TRUGOD!

Igolf Wunder played so well! I hope he wins!

the best pianist is Rafal Blechacz make sure u hear him tomorrow morning !!! he is the best … and trugod bows and sucks da cock …
today my colleage Slawomir Wilk played … how u mofos laked it ? i tink he waz a bitty nerffous ! :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :dong: :dong: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp:

banned 8)

:god: :

Da sonata 3-da best 2nd and 4th movements dat I have heard.

Da AS n GP was WOW!

Dose runs!

N da spirit of a brilliant, grand polonaise.

Hahahaha, dere’s a random Chopin-lookalike playing now. And he’s Polish. I bet 10000 ziffro he’ll make it to da final.

Dis mofo will be called…da CHOPIN

hahaha SCRIB, tiz da VALSEMASTAH! Now let c…:

(bazed on limited audit)
FURY: 8) 8) 8)
SPEED: 8) 8) 8) 8)
MOIST: 8) 8) 8) 8)
Comedic Genius: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Overall RESPEC commanded: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

mizzed da poloshirt. da MAZZEZ included gensui interps (particularly in a certain sect of da 56/2 and the 56/3 in general). The 3rd CHOPSON wuz unleashed (hahah this legend risked the comparison wiz da TRUGOD, but he knew he had to stick wiz a strict triple meter prog). Gensui phrasing and voicing in the 1st movement (that sect with the sequenzes bazed on da opening theme). Gensui left hands scales. An approx. 2’19 schitzo wiz legendary articulation in the outta sects (about 27" each). Moist largo, sumwut soulful but well paced (unlyk the GHEY CANADIAN’S chopson2 larg :unamused:). Excellent voicing in the finale. Only obligitory levels of fury were unleashed overall.

HAHAHHAAHA DA AUDIENCE LUVED DIZ MOFO!! I’m talking about sum 2 min applause sheeyat wiz da triple re-enty of the VALSEMASTAH frm baskstage. The commentators kepts talking about this mofo’s natural chopineque m*sicality. This mofo is getting the 2nd prize FO SHO, perhapz. 8)

hahahhaahh da random french mofo advanced (1800s haircut). Perfed da Opp. 58, 59 and Op. 22. His first statement of the son3 main finale theme wuz perhapz da moz GENZUI of da comp, datz about it. He den played da mazzez. Gud GPB, i guess - one of the least furious perfs in diz comp, but lez be real, dere’s no really no point in listening to tha op. 22 in diz comp anymo. 8)

hahahhaha da french!!! WTF???
da randomnezz!!!

No doubt.

Fantastic 53.

Great H moll.