Today is the 100th birthday of György Cziffra! :zif:

The only known master of the controlled spazz tech.

Horowitz too

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tru da PEAK OF EVEREZT look az beautiful az evah :zif:

from da nu chineze zpace ztation, REPZEC :sunglasses:

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Da ZIFF high in da running fo mozt gensui evajh!


daim da angle
early MART cap ? :sunglasses:


pozzibly da time travelah MART cap

Wiz many anglz

Tru datz a pretty wikid angle

He got a sculpture of a sheet?

da :whale: himzelf payz tribute

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hahaha mannnnnnnnnn while lookin to zee if a WEIZZMEIZTAH BARC exizt tha tube firzt rezult wuz a ZIFF BARC which i had no clue he playd

tha zound iz very quiet but tha TRU highlight of thiz video iz tha ZIFF zon in tha background lookin lyk a mafia DON :smoking: :sunglasses:


Also, check out da Moiseiwitsch Barcarolle (1939 and the 1941 remake in better sound). A few things I find off-putting but overall a really successful Bark-n-roll.

Cortot too, to some extent.

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why is the bacarolle legendary?

It seem kind of meandering to me but I dun know shit

is it cuz its hard to hold together?

Most performances don’t really hold it together tru but it is far better structured than Chopin’s Polonaise Fant, Fant Op 49 and even Da first movement of da Son 3.

I’m not a die-hard Chop fan but consider Da ball 1 n Barcarolle, along with Zon 2, to be immaculate.

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Nice ardickle here, rezpek


Does he play with singing legato?

And soaring lines! And a burnished tone, no doubt.

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That guy is such a dork (even compared to 88 geeks like us).