Is anyone familiar with the videos on the Tonebase website? I just received an email announcing that they have a new series of videos with Marc-Andre Hamelin.

Will he be teaching Alkan works? If not, not interested.

Yeah, even worse if he talks rep artistic shits when everybody just wants to know how he prepares pieces and approaches his work at the keyboard.

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Nobody reveals trade secrets

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Decent jackoff content

The only thing I picked up from him in interviews was using extreme downforce on passage work practice when he obviously uses floating hand shits when doing rapid things. Highly sus or he dun know what he do more likely and just got good brain and hands.

Yeah I would always take that stuff with a grain of salt… lmao we have pics of Friedman reading BOOKS while practicing

Free trialed to see. Looks like a couple minutes of stuff he already talked about.


Note permutations are Cortot exercises with held fingers and staggered strong beats across the pattern.

That actually really cool. Maybe explain his dead even digits

Hmm watching these. Actually worth trialing on a fresh email and checking out


Can you download all of the vids in HD, plus the pdfs and share with us?

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I just killed my trial after skipping around and peacing out. I dun play really so was mainly curious. I can summarize tho.

Symmetrical inversion is just playing right handed figures in the left, using A flat or D natural as the mirror point. Both play at same time.

He played bach invention one, eight and Chopin fourth Ă©tude slowly using symmetrical inversion.

For note permutations, he plays Corot exercise 2b and explains that aside from playing as written he staggers the held note across all five fingers instead of just holding with thumb. This is how he practices his thumb tucking and strong/weak beats across different figures and fingers.

For single hand polyphony, he play some selections from Rudolph Ganz exercises that are excerpted from the Blanchet section (apparently blanchet prelude study excerpt available at imslp as book 4)

The snippets is from when he plays one of those in symmetrical inversion and suggests that’s how you go about it using the left-hand study preludes Gans excerpted and practicing opposing patterns in each hand when your brain grows girth.


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Symmetrical inversion? Perschetti’s Mirror Etudes?

Essentially yeah!

Sounds like shit but hands doing same stuff. He doesn’t come out and say it but basically he learns some tongue twister exercises in one hand and then mirrors it over to the other.

How much utility is there in this symmetrical inversion sheeyat?

I’m trying to develop my left by playing some of the easier stuff from that Paul Wittgenstein compilation of works for the left hand. For example, the c major prelude from WTC I, but the left hand plays the notes.

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At my level, a Bach contrapuntal shiatsu is more than tongue twisty enough.

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Maybe if your are shredding godowsky but for mortals not sure.

I can’t make sense of that figure I snapped. Is fucked.

Tru - da DOC exercizez are very BRAIN focuzd which iz an intereztin cuntrazt to otha mofoz hu focuz on eitha finga athleticizm or m*zicality

Da practical application ov diz kind of zheeyat iz zumwut queztionable - I think da DOC enjoyz doin diz zheeyat in da zame way mofoz lyk to do da mornin crozzword to waken deir brain up fo da day :sunglasses:


Haha he does some of the symwtric sheeyat with 10/4 in da supervirt doc , prompting da jap lady to ask him wh3m he invented dat :doc:

they banged for sure


Da mofo who prezentz da Tonebaze zheeyatz

Haz he evah been here at da SDC?

He haz mentioned bein a regulah pozta at da 88world way back in da early dayz