Upcoming Sidney Foster 5CD on Marston


Daim, this will include a rec from 1941.

Well that’s very good news. I just need a CD player now :slight_smile:

Fuck that noise, Marston needs to get with the times and offer downloads. :rock:

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Damn, my prayers are answered. Seriously was just talking about Foster earlier today.
Thanks Marston!

We might have to wait like 2 years for it 8)

I suppose it WOULD be good, I think it will actually encourage more people to buy if they have a downloads option.
And they could release random singles too 8)

Good news! My only disappointment is that this continues a trend I was hoping would cease from them, namely to issue compilations. I would much rather have seen them fill these 5 CDs with four complete recitals, and I can decide myself which are the best performances rather than have them do it for me. I had the same criticism with their Bolet v2, which I helped prepare, where I wanted complete concerts issued so people could get a feel for what it was like to hear JB in recital in his prime. And I suppose my view cost me a copy of the set in the end, which they never sent (I still haven’t heard it!).

Still, this will be good, and you knew something like this would have to come from Marston. They’re an amazing, amazing company.

Sorry to hear it turned out that way. I agree completely with your sentiments about offering entire recitals. It’s the real way to go. Also agree Marston’s great at what he does. Up till about 2010 I had a buy-everything agreement with him.

That was one of the good things about the Bolet great pianists set.

However, with downloads there are no limits.
They could be releasing: Bolet: Complete Recordings and Bootlegs.
Download options: 24bit 96khz Flac, 564 Gigabytes.


Bumping the old thread: Marston is supposed to be sending out the Sidney Foster set next week. I guess they have bumped it up to 7 CDs. Looking forward to this one, as I have only heard a little bit of Foster so far. But I agree with CJ above, and while there is something to be said for providing a “greatest hits” compilation (especially in the case of lesser known artists without much of a discography), it would be nice to have at least one full recital program as part of a large set. That’s one of the great things about the recentish Horowitz live box sets, they are all full programs.

Does Marston have any more dedicated pianist releases in the pipeline? After Foster there are no pianists in the future release lineup. We know they will do the next volume of the Landmarks. Then what else? There is still some Koczalski left. Perhaps enough for another Levy volume? They could always scrape together some more Bolet or Arrau, but I’m not sure it’s really necessary or what they’re best at. It seems like with whatever known and possible unknown remaining material out there of interest, the Landmarks model of potpourri releases may be where things go.

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Another Marston set that I won’t buy. 7CDs! And they don’t even usually package in boxes.

I’m looking forward to hearing some of this though. Back in the day Foster’s Chopin 10/4 was a beautiful surprise.


I hope they can manage to get the set mailed before the holidays. Maybe because Foster is a lesser known pianist, this 7CD set is set at the price of 72 USD, and 54 for preferred customers, so pretty a good deal considering his releases are normally not cheap.

I do not think there will be another piano set in a while. There should be follow-ups of Koczalski but I was told it will not be in the line soon. Next major project is the complete John McCormack. The thing is, it is normally easier for him to raise enough financial support for his vocal recording releases so he can get them processed much faster than a piano release. So it seems no new piano albums in the near future, although I was told that he was considering reissue some out of print Piano albums, such as Sauer, first volume of Bolet and Levy, for the Far East market.

Marston clearly aren’t limited to 78-rpms anymore, but there’s been so many historical piano releases over almost quarter of a century now that you’re also soon going to enter names who weren’t top rated even in their own time unless you want to reissue things which have already appeared on CD. For quality I’d love to see that last bit of Backhaus and Gieseking which is left. For exploration I think Grünfeld and Hambourg would make for interesting releases. For something in between I’d also love to see Cherkassky’s early Victors and Columbias, but that’s maybe best suited for one of these compilation albums.

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Don’t be surprised if Ainley convinces them to release the complete recordings of da Mystery pianist.


Well, it’d at least give Mikhail a rec contract :wink:


Haha but the terms would be worse than Naxos.

3 blowjobs for each track released?

Sign me up.

Randomly, it would be so fuckin cool to unleash on a 1920’s smooth ass Steinway or Bechstein n get recorded wiz a ribbon mic to an actual 78rpm wax master.

I mean, da slit released an analogue Liszt album to LP

How about a straight to 78 rpm release?

From Ainley. Still interested truhomo ?