US vs UK

Tru. I dunno how to add da poll, zo zumone do it!

I’d juz lyk to thank da undahcard of da chinks, Japs, and marts fo participate:whale:

Now fo da TRU main event!

:tm: vs :comme: :icon_stopw_sdc_473:


Up until Brexit I would have said da UK iz much bettah. No creationiztz, lezz police racizm, far bettah healthcare ztruchah.

N da UZ now haff :trump: too.

But da UK haff gone completely inzane and I dun know any more. Our prezz media iz fucking atrociouz, absolutely full of hate and mofoz are lapping it up coz it iz eazier to hate immigrantz than da politicianz who mizmanage sheeyatz.


Tale of da tape:

US = don’t say “nigga”…unlezz u :nigga:
UK = I dunno, iz dat allowed?

US = modern day fucked up imperialism disguised az “help” :dong:
UK = hahaha where did you learn DAT

US = ahahaha we iz zheeyat at da world cup
UK = :frowning_face:

US = :trump:
UK = :comme: (pozzibly tie diz one)

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UK: nigga a big no-no. Kinda like faggot.
UK: gave up on imperializm but still haff deluzionz about it.

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Hahaha I thought of a win for da UK, tho tiz pozzibly a close one:

UK = da royal family :dong:
US = da Kardashian :trump:

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Yet anothah Armenian tractahmilf :tm:

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On immigration:

UK =

US =

To be fair, undoubtedly both legendz of fury

Dis legend often talks sense even if he doesn’t look like it.

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Just look what’s happened to the world since WW2. It’s the US who have enabled it, by supporting and partnering with healthy & peaceful nations while holding back and down bullies and bad actors.

That said, as for living/visiting/culture/mojo etc my personal preference is the UK. The Brits are hard not to love, even in Brexit times.

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Oh come on. You make it sound as if the US is a moral force for good, when all they have done is broadly follow:


ARAB BAD (apart from Saudi Arabia, who are apparently lovely)

COUNTRY HAS OIL : get very agitated about their shit human rights, and invade. (Apart from Saudi.)
COUNTRY HAS NO OIL : we don’t give a fuck about your shit human rights

Which is such a grossly simplistic worldview, certainly not a moral one. Pure expedience.

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You might be right from this perspective but the end result basically remains what X said.

I really can’t agree. The US policy in 80s Afghanistan is the ultimate cause of Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc.

The current US policy re Saudi is best described below:

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I guess dere are more Chinese schoolgirls one da US…


USA all da way.

(Opinion subject to change, I might go fo TEAM UK aftah I hook up wiz da Diraña in her RCM teaching studio)

I’d say you’re right again, but you’re only focusing on particularities which are negative or have resulted in negative outcomes. The good ol’ freedom we can all enjoy was largely fostered by the yanks.

HAHAHAH da zepp propoze raizin da ztakez all da way up n juz do

:tm: vs :comme: :icon_stopw_sdc_473:

Joo vz gentile :sunglasses:


Alzo da zepp vote UK fo da zame reazon I vote japan in da otha thread :sunglasses:

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both have severely tarnished global images right now…and as Canadian kinda stuck in the middle between British heritage (including half my own family…although Scottish) and modern US influence…but somehow find I can relate to US (culture) more, and what you see is what you get. Like it is obvious that half of US are dumbazzez, so I can understand their current political situation…but with the UK, its like, I thought this was an intelligent modern european population so I dont understand wtf they are doing currently. I didnt realize there were so many idiotz there…


Da TM motha is non-joo so diz gonna be

Flat-earther vs NASA fanboy


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