Ways to Reinvent Classical Piano playing

ok so i think there is a tendency for “classical music” in general to be “generic” these days

so these are just a few ideas off the bat with no consideration of their applicability (or if they can actually be realised)

1 - Standard Ways - Composition, improvisation, and performance of lesser-known works/composers. it would be good if more pianists composed like in the past though i understand it probably wouldnt sell as much

2 - Boss Battle in Competitions - for every 1st place winner in a piano competition, he is to face off against the member of the jury who rated his playing as the lowest (ie the guy in the panel who likes his playing the least) to earn a bonus award

3 - Piano Duel Game - so basicly a piano duel except in recordings. this game has two members: the Challenger and the Challenged, as well as an audience. for example there will be 3 rounds.

for example. each must select a pianist of their liking. for example Challenger will select Lang Lang and Challenged will select Yundi Li. now the Challenged must present a recording of Yundi Li, for example a Chopin etude or whatever. the Challenger must then select a Lang Lang piece that he thinks will “outdo” the Challenged’s recording, so for instance he picks Lang Lang’s version of La Campanella.

then both recordings will be sent to a group sample of listeners who do not know the duellers (to avoid bias) then they will vote on which recording they prefer. whichever has more votes gets the point for the round.

then round 2, same thing, Challenged must pick a Yundi Li recording and Challenger must pick a Lang Lang recording etc. until the one with the most points wins.

The rules of the game are arbitrary, for example:

  • the duellers are to use only 1 piece, they must pick different pianists to outdo their opponent
  • or only classical/romantic/baroque/20th/etc. pieces allowed, etc.
  • or: maybe more than 2 participants, can be more in fact.

4 - the setting of the performance - can differ, i dont know, how about for instance, playing german compositions in some bar. listening to the hammerklavier whilst drinking beer or whatever. or a classical music-themed restaurant with waiters in wigs and a featured composition to be performed every evening.

5 - “composer parody” competition - a competition where a jury will give out a “piece idea” - for example, debussy piano sonata. the participants are to compose a piano sonata and this jury will award the person who they think composed a piano sonata which “would have been what debussy could have composed”. or other ideas.

so, these are just some ideas, i wonder what are yours


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I think Lola is currently at work in this area :sunglasses:

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I’d be on board with more variety in musical events. A mix of chamber, orchestral, vocal and solo stuff could be cool rather than getting all of one thing or another…


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finally something productive

i think at least an original transcription of a popular work in a piano recital is fine, guys like liszt did it

i respect classical by nature being a museum art form but a little more creativity is needed


Agreed. Some of the old programs I’m going through often had the violinist and pianist play together in one half of the rektal, then their own separate pieces in the second. Sounds good.





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What about this framework? 3 rounds.

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