What CDs are you getting for Christmas?

I don’t get CDs from other people, since they don’t have a clue what I have/don’t have… so I save up a good 500 bucks all year and splurge on CDs at Christmas time. Here’s my list:

Freire - Schumann Carnaval, Kinderszenen, Papillons
Kleiber - Schubert Symphs 3 & 8
Skrowaczewski - Complete Bruckner Symphonies
Goerner - Rachmaninoff Concerto 3
Goerner - Late Chopin Works
Fialkowska - Paderewski Concerto
Terence Judd - Liszt Sonata
Leonskaja - Schubert Impromptus
Leonskaja - Brahms Concertos
Leonskaja - Chopin Nocturnes
Leonskaja - Brahms Quintet
Leonskaja - Schubert Quintet
Leonskaja - Tchaikovsky Grand Sonata
Leonskaja - Brahms Late pieces
Leonskaja - Schubert Wanderer, Sonata D894
Leonskaja - Schubert D850, D5
Leonskaja - Schubert D664, D959
Donohoe - Brahms Concerto 1
Donohoe - Messaien Turangalila Symphony
Eschenbach - Mahler 6
Ogdon - Liszt Concertos BBC
Donohoe - Liszt Sonata, Chopin Op 58
Lortie - Liszt Concertos
Furtwangler - 3x Bruckner 8th symphony recs

And lastly - 2 DVDs - Celibidache Dvorak Symphony 9 and Giulini Bruckner 8

So what’s your list look like? :rectum:

just some Hatto cds. haven’t decided which ones yet probably iberia, chop-god, rach con, mozart sons. also some of sofro on denon. Maybe that Kocsis bartok set that I passed on getting last time. Hamelin DVD perhaps. Can’t really spend that much, I’m trying to save up for a piano; got about 15 K atm need another 5-10. Oh and a bunch of old films on DVD.

edit: forgot about the ruby spanish sets on RCA

Alfred Brendel - Rachmaninoff 3rd concerto and Rhapsody on a theme by Pagannini

Jeno Jando - Mozart sonatas K 284 and 311

Yundi Li - Partitas 1-3

Evgeny Kissin - Tchaikovsky symphonies 1-3

i am getting :comme: plays Complete Godowsky Chopin etudes, and quasi fantasia on the theme of Christmas Tree.

Actually I might try to get a good recording of Liszt sonata on CD that was recorded in the last 10 years (with good sound quality and all, Yundi Li’s is not doing it for me)


iz any legendary nu piano dvdz cummah out fo chriztmazzachuzettz? :lib:

i still have no clue but it seems that most of da wikid piano DVDs tend to be available in Asian countries.



u want tha DEZSO RANKI rec? a bit legendary indeed alzo a wikid meph n dante tru :pimp:

i wud pozzibly pay good dollerz for a complete Kawazaki Docu

ahahahhahaha daim


Out of respec for the two greatest pianists of all time, :ho: :genie:

I dun celebrate x-mas :dong: :dong:

Eagerly awaiting the next volumes in the Godowsky and Hofmann series.


Back from the dead koji?

Is the Hofmann being released before Xmas? or are you getting an advanced copy? I’ve pre-ordered it but I haven’t had any word on a release date, they’re rather secretive mofos.

It’s supposed to be an X-mas release, but from what I’m heard through the grapevine, it’s very likely to get pushed back, I’m afraid.


Tru, u a leonskaja fan?

I am saving for the 94 CD set Rubinstein on RCA, sadly, its out of print (whew!)

Maybe the Leslie Howard complete Liszt, for documenting purposes, since there are no other recordings around for most pieces.

By the way Canadian, u a Richter fan, u got the Prague boxset?

must say, admire your wide musical taste.

dont even know who goerner is… tru his rach 3 any good?

Fallout, i have all da sheeyat u mentioned, da ruby 94 cd set, rectum prague 15 cd set. but for da lesbo, dont fucking buy it. it’s a waste of $$$. tho da lesbo admittedly spent 15 yrs completing da set, 58 CDs, i still dont recommend anyone to buy it. I admire his devotion and time taken for such a gigantic work but his playing commands no RESPECT.

as for da market price. da ruby set was sold on ebay last week for $800 and da rectum prague set ranges from $250-300 depending on da condition according to my data in the last few months.

if u dont wanna spend dat much money, we can trade. i can rip da sheeyat and ul in lossless, da gensui sound quality.


I’m getting a Pianos de la nuit: Berezovsky Liszt Etudes DVD.

And den I’m getting more free time with a lighter load to prax mah scalez and czerny and liszt exercises, tru. And btw I’m quittin’ da sdc so i can get mah own fury instead of wishing I had more…