What CDs are you getting for Christmas?

I’m getting a Pianos de la nuit: Berezovsky Liszt Etudes DVD.


I was in Jakarta, Indonesia recently for an international competition. In one of their record stores, I saw this exact DVD going for US$2.

In the end, I got 2 Emil Gilels DVD for US$4 and left.

lol i’m randomly part indonesian. Wut competition iz diz?

I radnomly feel good about supporting the pianistic colossus.

hahahahhaha hilariouzly any fury u gain iz just sub-APHRO, so u might azwell keep yo black azz rite here niggah 8)

fuckin a, me too. randomly 1 indo grand parent.

Hey kritty,
tru, u r a legend, i only have the richter prague set, and some random ones from the ruby and howard. (58 cds?? i thought its more than that…)

anyway, i saw that ruby set on ebay too, too bad they didnt send internationally.

about the howard tho, i think its a mixed bag. some discs in the set actually contains some really good piano playing, while others are just dutiful. Leslie can be quite a pianist tho, I went to one of his Liszt recitals a few years back, and it was jaw-dropping.

and thanks for da offer, tho Im not sure what I want at the moment…

good playing as in playing all the notes, yes, he did play all the notes, but he lacks any Liszt mannerism, it’s just like Brendel’s Liszt. He is the anti-lisztian actually IMO. It’s ok if u get it for reference, but i meant, why not just get the midi if that’s the case?

Anyway, Lesbo’s set is 58 volumes with 95 CDs. I think Krit meant to say volume instead of CDs. I have heard some live Lesbo stuff and attended his masterclass, he is nothing but boring and obnouxious i think. Not worth the money, but it’s ok if u need some reference for a work that was UNPLAYED by other pianists.

Anyway, get the Ruby set, at least the first half of the volume is worth the money.

datz rite. i wud say da first 50 volumns of da ruby set is gems.

if u have a rather limited budget, get the 1st 30 volumns which contain mostly legendary recs at his peak.

da ruby pre 1950s is PHENOMENAL.

if anyone knows where to get the RCA Ruby complete, let them speak.

or do i have to go pick them 1 by 1

how much u paid for ur ruby set kritty?

:dong: $700 (okie condition).

here’s da problem when u buy the new set. either u can make money out of it later on or u possibly lose some. da cover price for ruby set is $1,500. some ppl, however, like to get a new set. im just not one of them as long as the condition is fine with no deep scratches or whatsoever affecting the playing. it’s fine by me. i can’t think of any better places besides ebay.com if u would like to get one. amazon.com has it on and off for $1,500. it’s abit too much, so i don’t really recommend anyone paying for this unless u, first of all, are really into rubinstein, and secondly, u wanna get the special book portraying his life long career coming along with the box set. the latter cds are not as good as the 1st half which i already mentioned. well, he’s very old.

similarly, da rectum prague set. when it first came out, it only cost $90 including shipping. many ppl neglect it thinking there’s plenty of time to buy it. look, now u need to tripple that original price. da same sheeyat goes to richter authorized recs issued by philips, 22 cd set. diz set costs around $300 more or less when buying new a few years back then. in da present time, u need $850.

for da great pianists series, $2,400 is the cover price. there are a bunch of mofoz rushing their ass off buying this set with a hope or re-selling it in the future. dont be fool when u see limited edition (they never tell u how much they really issue and how long da sheeyat will be available). some smart mofoz seperate da discs and sell each of them seperately. da highest price cud go up to $60 and vice versa, $5. I bought da arrau from great pianists series vol.4-6 at $6 each (2 cd set). da sheeyat thing is that dis set can only be sold $1,400 at most with mint condition, preferably new; otherwise the price drops down based upon the condition.

if u are a enthusiastic cd collector, i recommend u to buy Richter CDs (:dong: u gotta love him first) b/c whenever u get bored and want to re-sell it, u get a pretty damn good price. da chris can randomly get a nice sport car if he unleashes all his richter cds on ebay.com, slowly. richter in leipzig cd (music and arts: 28th nov 1963) costs around $150 now. i used to roughly count richter commercial discs and there are more than 300 CDs. this is not to include his unpublished recitals and private stuff b/c when i can never precisely sum them all up. still, u indeed need at least 15K above to have a complete richter collection. again, there’s no way u can collect all dis sheeyat b/c 60% of them are hardly available now.

as an economist trained, collecting richter CDs actually yields more than 4.5% interest rate (12 months). So, instead of putting all your savings in da bank or stock mkt or gov bond (da safe entry tech), rather, put 20% aside and invest it in buying richter CDs (be smart when u buy). not only don’t u lose da money, but u also get da CDs for your listening pleasure and da value of your CDs will go up possibly even better dan da world’s inflation rate.

think of it as an investment, tho quite a provocative idea.


Hahahaha, well the only bad thing about that idea is that CDs are constantly being re-issued - even Richter CDs, so there’s always a chance that the CD you spent 100 on will be for sale again for 13.

Happened to me more than once.

ahahah i juz had a huge deja vu :rudy:

i managed to get the complete Great Pianists set on Philips for about $3.00USD each :dong:

btw, if you are an ‘enthusiastic collector’ and bought lots of richters recordings, i really doubt you will sell it just to make money… unless of course, you bought more than 1 set.

I bought 2 richter prague sets for about $70usd each, and sold one set for $250. 8)

FUCKKKKK where? Ebay?

no, got them locally… found them in a bargain-bin in a warehouse store… the store obviously did not know what they are worth.

No, they knew exactly what they’re worth… That set is a massive waste of time/money. $3.00 feels about right.

For the price you got them for, it’s not a bad deal… but at anything near full price, I’d call it a colossal rip-off.

Most of the sets don’t even contain Good recordings by the pianists - let alone their greatest recordings.

Oh, and Tom Deacon is an ass.

3 volumes of Alfred Brendel? And Andre Previn, for real???

You know Tom Deacon have fecal matter instead of gray matter in his brain.