what kinda 88 do you have, or play on

for those who own an 88, what make/model if you know it? do you like it? for those who just play one in practice rooms etc, what kind is it?

piano thread 8)

Boston 215 grand at my home, I prefer practicing at home over practicing at the conservatory, mostly yamaha’s and raped steinways, and full glass windows where everyone can walk past it and look inside, totally fucking annoying. The less I am at the conservatory, the better 8) .

I have an upright Rameau, a so-callled crisispiano made in France in the late 70s when Pleyel, Gaveau and some other companies were nationalised by the government and had to join forces.
It was a very bad piece of shit when it was bought new but after three decades of TLC by a good technician-friend it turned out quite good.

I’ve got an upright Sauter M-Line 128 but do the vast majority of practice on my school Yamaha C6s. Sad, I know; I hear of another school who owns Faziolis.

wtf i’ve never heard of such a school, sounds crazy

I don’t mean a music school - but one of those junior colleges, which to me actually is worse…

well, CIM pianos,

but when at home, a Weinbach (no idea what model) 5’5" grand. Its basically a petrov with a different name.

POS yamaha upright my parents bought when I was 5. Been saving up for a new grand for what seems like an eternity but still haven’t bought one.

I learned to play on an 80 yr old upright that was made by a small piano builder in Brussels, I completely overraped that piano and left it with about 10 broken strings, 2 broken hammers and killed the mechanism of both pedals. So after about 10 years my parents finally gave in and I got an August Förster half grand. Probably one of the best pianos I have ever played on and it’s really hard to play on it actually, so it’s great for practice. AMAZING tone and perfect intonation from the lowest to the highest note. For those who don’t know Förster, it used to be the alternative for Steinway on the eastern side of the Berlin wall, so I’m happy :smiley:. And also because I got it at a probably illegal discount.

Sadly, my conservatory is known in Belgium to have the worst pianos ever, we only have about 6 or 7 grands and not one of them is good, not even the (only) Steinway D in the concert hall. The rest are Yamaha’s (C2 and 3s and terrible G1s). They’re hardly ever tuned and broken strings are almost never replaced. But if you can play on any piano here, it’s bliss to play on a somewhat decent piano.

1907 Smith and Nixon 6’5" - I like the lower registers power as compared to other piano’s I’ve played (which isn’t that many). There are a few issues with a few keys when I use the soft pedal, but I hardly ever use it so its cool. Its african mahogany with scrolled sides and spindle like legs. Supposedly it was once danced on by Shirley Temple, but there is no way of confirming that

Rezpect 8)

And randomly, I’m insanely jealous that you have a forster (shittttt) even though I love my Weinbach. The piano that I wanted the most badly was a forster, but was simply beyond my budget.

I actually played on an upright until attending undergrad, and would pound the shit out of it because I was frustrated with it’s lack of dynamics. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have done that.

I also destroyed an upright as a kid, a 1914 Baldwin haha

it’s been firewood for many years now

haha diz PW-like thread.

in Chile i practice at home. Kawai RX-3 does the job perfectly.

in Germany, at school. Sometimes i grab decent Steinways. But many of them are plain sheeyat

I want a grand piano at home but my house is too damn small and I already piss the hell outta my neighbours with my upright.


no, a real PW thread would be “wuts da best 88 in da wurld lol”

haha so true

and then replies like


and then one out of every five posts would actually name a model.

and nobody would basically have heard of any other fine piano except Steinway. maybe Bosendorfer.


i actually don’t.

I barely ever even get to play on steinways. It’s pretty much all yammys here.