Which pianist's technique aged the most gracefully/furiously

I nominate da KAT fo da moz legendary tech dat haf minimally declined wiz age :stop:

He’s not that old. I noticed he’s playing a free concert in Paris soon, but I’m 99% sure I won’t attend.

Of the old timers, probably Bachaus kept his the best. Horowitz also.
Of living pianists, Freire and Argerich hold up the best.

I feel confident in saying there are 0 pianists at the age of 67 who have da KAT level tech 8)

Tru da :orgy:

Female pianists possibly age more gracefully due to less testosterone decline 8)

We’ll see how da Doc fares in 10 years. :doc:

Yes, I’d say Argerich too.
Purely mechanically speaking at least Horowitz wasn’t quite that well embalmed at the same age to my ears. But of course in his case tech never was very good to begin with.

Already zub-KAT 8)

Da DOC been preparin fo hiz tech decline fo a while now by introducin da ZHUBERT zon

‘I would gladly play this piece at every concert until I die’

:stop: :doc:

double tru, tru :frowning:

But he’s playing Herz now so all will be well again

Zadly, da truth Herz 8)

ahahahah da FUCKIN COMME 8)

hilarouzly da Doc would probably love that joke. :doc:

Hahah I zeen a recent vid of da doc AZZPAZZION n twuz a bit far from priztine

Haf u zeen da ANDZNEZ Azzpazzion finale on zum random tv zhow?

Tiz randomly inzalenly zl*w but zumhow a bit wikid

From 18 min. A zumwut uneven perf.

A bit

ahahaha da ANTNEZT

in termz of TECH LEVEL-CHOZEN TEMPO dizcrepancy

diz mofo bazically a BZCHOLAH on da pro circuit 8)

N da :doc: chozen 2 88 partah in tymcrym :stop:

Zumtymz u find mofoz hu run a red lyt

Da Antznezt da kind ov mofo hu ztop at a green lyt 8) :stop:

[dasdc.net/t/da-leaf-channel-da-bzcholah-ztylee/18226/1) 8)

8) Randomly mizzd diz

Tru da antznezt tech zumwut fuchaproof due to bein able to maintain da zame tempoz into hiz 90z wiz eaze 8)


Even in his prime da Doc’s tech could be inconsistent. He was never as impeccable as I used to believe, but he did play damn fast. :stop:

Of the living pianists, don’t understimate Valerie Tryon - a remarkable lady, now 84 years old! A friend of mine heard her when she was 77 and was amazed by the quality of her playing.

And Earl Wild’s technique & stamina were still pretty impressive when he was 70 years old: