Which 'professional' Pianist had/has the shittiest technique?

Who managed/manages to maintain a career with the least possible technical ability?

Clifford Curzon? I remember a live Liszt sonata that was a mess, maybe a step too far.

Barenboim? :sunglasses:

Lupu at this stage too. When he can’t even play the MMs, that’s…

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David Helfgott. This guy still gets invited to perform. WTF!



Schnabel just sprang to mind too, but interesting thing is that he was supposed to have been very impressive technically before Germany began to fall through. The recs we have are apparently of a pianist in severe decline.

Do people even remember this movie without being reminded about it in his bio?
It was like like 22 years ago.

Well, it’s been 42 years since Pollini played well and doesn’t seem to bother anyone

He still played well in the early 2000s, and even today he plays 1000 times better than da mental mofo.

Joerg Demus- definitely a candidate (at least among the relatively famous ones) - check out this recording

…and compare the tempo at 0:05 with 0:35 & then compare the tempo at 3:33 with 3:43- and on top of that, if you listen closely, you can hear that he SIMPLIFIES the left hand from 3:52 to 4:00. Definitely an arch-shit technique, no matter how old he was was when he recorded that.
…and this guy IS a professional, gives masterclasses all over the world, and screams
the word “SCHEISSDRECK” at the participants. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: Or at least used to…


Haha these slow-downs at difficult spots are really quite amateurish!
But Wilhelm Kempff was also not a great technician, or at least extremely uneven live, even more so than Curzon. Some of the more demanding Chopin and Liszt he simply couldn’t play, technically.

maybe Toradze now… my mother remembers he was a beast in his prime tho
oh ok and da GERM :tm: :tmfury: zenzei

How much the audience membahs got paid to witnezz dis Azzpazzion? :thinking:


Datz an interp choice tho :dong:

Da Messulam beyond Krittycizm.
Too much of a CG factor.

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Alzo, iz it juzt me or is there no audience?

Haha pozz…

Surely it’s a piss take. He does things that you would do if you’re taking the piss.
Maybe he recorded it coz he hates it like Gould and da Zart Zons.

a ztory journalizt Alain Lompech told moi :

Tiberghien and Lugansky were sheduled the same weekend at La Roque
so LUGY witnezzed da Tiberghien prax zezzion with Alain

la LUGY wordz : Tiberghien tech training waz “incomplete”