Who iz your favrorit early-romantick pianizt compozer?

  • Alkan
  • Burgmüller
  • Chopin
  • Henselt
  • Liszt
  • Moscheles
  • Felix Mendelssohn
  • Fanny Mendelssohn
  • Méreaux
  • Schumann
  • Mrs. Schumann
  • Thalberg

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Liszt but my favourite pianistic effect is by Thalberg.

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Tonight - Chopin

Most nights - Liszt


I love da Thalberg threehandamajig

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Yup, end of Moses. :heart::grin:

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Horowitz uses it really well in his Stars and Stripes transcription

I use it in just about every impro. Without even meaning to haha

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While Thalberg did invent a specific method for the three-hand effect, Bach does sometimes give the illusion of three or even four hands in his fugues

Someone will say Mereaux since this is the SDC but if someone votes Burgmuller from this lineup they can look forward to a personal visit from me :nigga:


Yeah, I think Thalberg had enough smarts to be aware of not just the pianistic and sonority impact but also the visual aspect.

OK, who went for fanny? (so to speak)

Not sure if anyone else agrees, but I’d count Beethoven and Schubert among the early-romantics. In my opinion Beethoven was the first romantic.

And why no Brahms?



Yes. I read that when he first did the effect on stage people would crane their heads to try to make out just exactly what he was doing.

This is also true for the alternating-hands chromatic octave effect that was invented by I forget who—probably Liszt or one of his contemporaries.

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Why no Herz? :sunglasses::lib:

It’s Liszt in the La Juive fant.

Fuck it

I votd :kan:

Befo I notice mereaux on da poll


That was its first use?

Beethoven and Schubert are classical-romantic transitional composers, like Hummel and Weber.

Brahms is Middle-Romantic.

I define Early-Romantic as the composers born between 1800-1819.

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Thanks, measure 476 to be exact. I was trying to remember which piece had it first.

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