Why in the HELL is there a Lang Lang Biography?!

amazon.com/Journey-Thousand- … 195&sr=8-1

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled up this at the bookstore. I was intent on purchasing a biography of Shostakovich. Seeing the LL book was enough make me leave without giving the Shosty book a second thought.


if I ever met Lang Lang in person I wouldnt hesitate to tell him what a fucking hack I think he is. His ego could use a good bombardment of loathing.

randomly were you looking to pick up the testimony shosty book? because that is one damn good read.

Nah, I was going for the Elizabeth Wilson book. But tru, I’ll get the Testimony book at some point.


E(pi) = Price(x)(number of x sold) - cost (x)
= $16.50
(n, where n = silly lang lang fan boys and n is a large number) - (marginal cost of producing cheap paperback) = $$$$$

Well, maybe in China it would sell big, but certainly not anywhere else.

I bought three. :dong:

Da comme will probably juz wait fo da mart to pozt a pdf version. 8)

that’s a nice thought, but unfortunately, it will sell like hotcakes all over the world really. he’s a pop star everwhere at this point.

I simply don’t believe that. Maybe for classical concertgoers he’s a recognizable name, but beyond that he’s a nobody.

obviously $60k per concert is not enough to live off of…

Actually several of my non-musical (in the sense that they don’t play any instruments and don’t care much for music in general) know about Lang Lang.

me too. they all say that lang lang is the best pianist in the world, because they know how much I hate him. Provocative swines…

lyk 2 handz writing :dong: :dong:


it can be a good read. just give him a chance, but i feel da guy is mostly going to talk about his success and pride. u know this kinda thing seriously needs da 2nd volumn.


if u covah half ov da covah, it looks like he is jerking it…

"Tru n i iz da… TIGER WOODS of da 88… I bang zo many holes iz lyk magikkkzzzzz

hmm, i’d have to disagree with that…don’t forget he’s the spokesperson for brands like rolex, mont blanc, etc. it’s disgusting i know

even if shosty’s your guy, you might want to do some reading up before buying testimony… my understand is that it’s been basically disproven by musicologists as the work of solomon volkov rather than the composer…

i zaw peepo(2 retarded lookin chink chick) in bookztore buyin tiz zheeyat yeztahday