WIKID album cover artwork

timestamped for da quote. da following track a fucking legend if u lyk melodic rock


I hate it

dis worse

thank fuq he not barefoot tho


lol get that ninja a wig or shave that sheeyat

I wonder if he owns a dog bed

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On da tractorgilf record label ic.

Pozz she raped him and turned him :ghey:

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Leather kink

Huh what?

if harriet cohen was an inbred mountain redneck

nice 88 tho

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That chick def bringing and extra chomosome to the table. This the formerly sickly hot Gabriella Montero? Time is a bitch.

ahaha dis mofo’z name - not tradin on da illuztrious hiztory of dis band at all :dong:

“oh hai - am pierre bleuse”
“aren’t you dead maestro boulez?”


n da hitz juz keep on cumming


Definite photoshop potential here

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Ooooooooooooo I see

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Yeah pretty much matches what the music sounds like

I’d to see a :tractor: sabre dance vid :zif:

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lol yesssss

Honestly I think we need a pimp erldong from her

Dere are octs from da wrist
Octs from da arm

And full body octs with ASS SLAM and a grimace


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So far, this is the best rape of if we got. Richter takes zero prisoners

Love it.