Wut if - da Chop lived until 1885 :chop: ...and Liszt lived until 1850 :pimp:

Deze are two ov our idolz and we often cumpare dem

Fo me - I find it difficult to make dem cumpete becuz dey iz oppozite zidez ov da zame coin and both advanced da 88 mo den any otha mofoz in any otha era

But letz zwitch deir life zpanz and make da CHOP be da one dat livez 75 yrz and da PIMP be da one dat lived only 39

Wut differencez wud dat haf made?

Wud it completely fuck up da PIMPz legacy? Wut we be left wiz much mo CHOP gensui or wud he fade out?

randomly dizcuzz diz zcenario

Or equally randomly, don’t :sunglasses:

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It wud haff really fucked up da WANKAH’z lifeztylee. :slightly_smiling_face:

Da pimp wud be half-remembered as a promising mofo who wrote a lot of virtuoso sheeyatz and the occasional deep, “interesting” work, eg Pensee des morts.

Liszt would have been largely forgotten, except for a handful of early mastahworkz
Chopin’s music may have grown out of fashion, only to be rediscovered the next century :lib:

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I don’t 100% agree. I think that, because Thalberg wasn’t by any means a great cumpozah, people completely forget just how influential da 3 handed effect wuz. I think this is one of the biggest discoveries in 88 writing, and had massive implications for sonority. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, at all, that da pimp’z parasheeyatz post duel are a lot more effective than those before.

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Hahaha tru I hugely rezpec da THAL n alzo da advancementz in tech ov all mofoz ov da era includin da MEREAUX n da Mendy alt octz n da Henzelt wide ztretchz n da KAN inzane gensui

but fo zhor da top 2 ov dat era wuz da Chop n Pimp

Da othaz battle fo 3rd 4th 5th zpot tru

Ahahaha if da PIMP died at 30 or zimply rite aftah da BURGLAH duel

Hiz legacy wud primarily be dat of

Da TRU ZTEIBELT :sunglasses:


Hahaha rezpek dis truly random cumparizon :sunglasses:

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Ahahaha fuckkkkkk?? :whale: :comme: :sunglasses:


Ahahah tru i azzume da COMME memory bazed on da cg burglah-mendy ztory da zepp pozted a while ago

Da mendy wuz da obzervah in dat ztory tru :sunglasses:

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Afaik da firzt alt chromatic octz are in da :pimp: La Juive fant. A good rec of diz iz da HUFFLEPUFF but it seems to haff been removed from da tube?

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hhaha FUCKKKKKKKKKK :whale:

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Daim, so… we’d all be struggling wiz da original TEz n Paganini Etz n da CUNT BANDIT

I c


I think the rest of the 19th C would have looked very differently. Chopin would have played the role Liszt did, with all its gravitas, and while Liszt was all about novelty and progression Chopin had a more conservative streak in him. Indeed from how he treated other composers of his time I think he would rather have tried to stomp out much of what Liszt helped encourage and bear fruit (and of course instead influenced and encouraged a different type of pianists and composers).

I do not think Chopin would have faded out, but I do think his music would have been different if he hadn’t had his tuberculosis. If they had somehow been able to keep him alive and functional until 75 however I’m convinced he would only have continued producing remarkable music, if not with the same progression we saw from Liszt. I think he would have developed more like Bach than Beethoven as it were, in richness rather than in language.

Finally I think Liszt would have been a figure similar to Alkan. His works would be hugely interesting for posterity, but since no one but him could play most of it and he didn’t have the same reputation as Chopin as a composer in his time I think the logical conclusion is that his music would have been temporarily forgotten, remembered more as a mighty pianist for the rest of the century.


Whut if da pimp lived an extra 10 years n made a cylinder fo da Block or Edison


Ahahaha diz pozz

Da WORZT CAZE zcenario fo da PIMP legacy :sunglasses:


We would have heard an 85 yo alcoholic and zepp would have been completely hopeless to quench with his linear progression theory of pianists

Da pimp wuz always a maztah of PR, so he wud haff undahztood dat hiz legacy wud be mo enigmatic n bettah if he DIDN’T make a cylindah.


No I really think he would have recorded! Just hand him another bottle

And he wud haff been so zlow dat it wud be an important “hiztorical” document fo da :wim: :grinning:


Pozz Wim too :scream: