YW - The Berlin Recital

I would post a link, but I’m still trying to work out how to use the new forum.
Anyway, I saw on FB that this will be her next release. They released the encores as a teaser. I’m trying to work out exactly which season this is from. One of the encores was Schumann’s Der Kontrabandiste, which I haven’t noticed her playing so much in recent seasons. The others she seems to still play a lot (prok 7 movement III etc). I’m wondering which programme this is. I hope not the Hammerklavier one or the Chopin preludes and Handel Variations, which were not her best. The best programme would’ve been the one from 2014-15 with the 3 Schubert-Liszt songs, Schubert D.959, Scriabin and Islamey.

Nobody knows? CJ?

A bit odd, a friend has attended all her Berlin recitals (I THINK) but none of them have both the Schumann/Tausig and the Precipitato. Maybe a mix from several? From what I have anyway the Kondrabandiste was in the fall 2014 recital (indeed with D.959 etc) and the Prok now from June 2018.

Maybe it isn’t from one reecital but they’re just calling it that for marketing purposes?

It is very strange. It’s apparently just an EP with 4 encores, but they don’t match any recital I have with her, and I don’t have a recording of the Kapustin from Berlin at all. I know my bootlegging friend hasn’t attended her concerto appearances however, so it could be sourced from one of those - but on the other hand the youtube vid of Prokofiev is clearly from a solo recital.


Here’s the link btw. I listened to the samples, didn’t like the sound very much or the playing in the Schumann-Liszt. I’ve definitely heard her play that better.

The rest of them are pretty average too. Makes her playing sound boring, no electricity.

Juz noticd da KHATIA haf far mo FB followahz den da YW :sunglasses:

Bigger breasts too. I don’t like her playing though.

YW audio trak+ KHATIA video wud be da golden combo fo clickz

Pozz, Yuja’s very nice to look at too. Especially the way her bottom lip trembles when she plays. Randomly, I hate how this has been recorded. I’m listening now to Schiff’s Beethoven sonatas, now that’s how a live recording should sound!

Truu, it’s very important to have video when Khatia plays. Audio not so much. :wink:

Though like YW I think she is getting a bit unnecessary flak for her appearance. She’s not bad, and the one recital I have attended with her was very entertaining. She doesn’t strike me as a very intelligent musician however, and upon exploring her further I soon realized I had heard all I needed to hear.

I still haven’t SEEN all I need to see though. :wink:

Da YUJA haf elite level tech n a gift fo ZUM rep but not all rep

Zhe zuit sheeyatz lyk fast zcarlatti zonz n zhitzoz dat haf mo delicate touch n not much weight lyk in ruzzian rep

Da VOLODOZ a gud contrazt…he juz zound mo zatizfyingly heavy

I honestly don’t get the hate. If you’re good looking, why not show it off? It won’t be enough to get you a big career, otherwise Lola Astanova would be playing at the Philharmonie de Paris, not YW and KB. I‘ve finally decided to give Khatia a chance this season, but it might be a one time thing like with Trifonov.

Her scale playing is better than his. She’s never gonna produce a sound like Volodos or Ohlsson because she weighs 45kg and they weight 120kg. Having said that I’ve heard her play some damn impressive Rachmaninoff and Scriabin.

Da ROCK premonition zkill to zpecifically write da Rock3 zhitzo caddy fo her n da chord 1 fo da VOL :sunglasses:

I think that will improve a bit at least with age. Or kgs rather. :wink: She’s slim, light & fast by biology now as it were. My favourite work from her has been 20th C rep - Bartók, Prokofiev, Debussy, Liebermann, Scriabin etc. I love her G major Scarlatti, but otherwise I prefer the more aristocratic approach of a Pletnev or a VH (or for that matter the FULL TRANSYLVANIAN of a live Pogo).

But yeah, the big minus with this whole generation is that there’s hardly a mofo among them who can play a proper forte. It’s often elegance and imagination over power and solidity. So expect a countermovement from today’s toddlers when they grow up.

Zacrificin BRUTALITY fo Clarity iz a clazzic conundrum :sunglasses:

Da moz legendary mofoz haf both

Brutality and CLARITY yes, brutality and ELEGANCE no. :wink: That’s where you’re normally at crossroads for what kind of playing you’re after.

To be fair, barely any can play a real pianissimo either. Except for Volodos, who can do everything dynamically. I think YW punches above her weight actually. She definitely had a bigger sound than Igor Levit and Kit Armstrong. Tsuji manages to blow out my ear drums sitting in the first row at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.