zhud i buy thiz 88?

tru i’d haff no place to put it, but zeemz lyk a wikid deal

from 1870… :lib:


ahahhaha tha promo vid

fuckkkkkkk thiz temptation $$$$$
:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:


but da Yamaha CFX now blows away da Steinway.

I played on one made around the same time (built in a pair as a gift to Napoleon III and the Queen of Hawaii) and the sound is incomparable if kept in good condition by a highly-skilled technician. Probably because the action feels quite different, but I felt a very intimate relationship with the sounds I was producing. By the way, the guy who bought the one I am referring to was Seiji Ozawa’s lawyer and the technician works privately for Ashkenazy.

you better double check that this piano is meant to be tuned to A-440 or you’ll run into the problem of extremely costly retunings or possible restringing

yeah itz juz zo damn old

but tha prozpect of gittin a 9 foot zteinway fo 8 gz zeemz mindzheeyating to me :open_mouth:

i dunno i vil lykly juz

zave mah money :mrgreen:

wow, you really are an idiot. yamahas are fucking terrible. i’ll stick to my steinways, thank you very much.

anyways, a teacher of mine had an 1890 steinway, and it had amazing sound and action, after intense restoration, of course. you shoudl pozzibly go to the dude’s house and check it out, rob. pozzibly try to haggle with him.

have you tried the nu Yamaha CFX?

Just ask da Koji, its fucking wikid. Best piano ever.

post a decent rec of yourself playing. I can actually play da 88, thank you very much.

and YOu sir, a fuck head.

Yamahas biggest problems are the hammers. I’ve played several custom jobs which were simply replaced with german hammers and they magically transformed into playable and beautiful instruments.

why should i have to post a rec of myself to prove something to you? i can play decently, but i dont have to prove that to some random person online, unless i choose to.

i havent tried that particular yamaha, but ive played enough of them to know that i dont like them one bit. just because koji likes it doesnt mean everyone else will like it, even though i do respect his opinion.

tiz zayz enuff bout da izzue we zeem to hav here. caze clozd

PS: Yamaha pianos aren’t bad imho. Played on one for many years and was fully satisfied.

what does da rob have to say about this? did you check out the piano?

ahahah DAIM diz look lyk an inzane deal tru. if u dun get it pozz zum mofo from diz thread vil 8)

da mad hattah = :tm: obv

zo hiz claim dat he can play da 88 iz a bit . . . randomly :comme:

AHAHAHAHAHAH dang thiz furtha price reduction!


:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

i vil poz go giff it a look thiz weekend :lib:

fuckkkk tiz deal

HAHAHAHAH zo in de end did da ROB acquire diz legendary bargain or not?

update plz :gav:

hahaha i nevah got it :rock:

iizc mah 88 tech told me that zteinway didnt becummah legendary until i think 1890 onwardz n tiz lykly a zheeyat 88 :gav:

AHAHAHA FUCKKKKKKKK iz u zhor diz 88 iz not currently zittin in da livin room of da houze of yo 88 tech? :sunglasses:

tiz lyk haffin a da vinci doodle from when he wuz 5 yrz old. vil u let zum mofo tell u tiz worthlezz cuz da vinci only got gud aftah 16? :whale:

:ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :zhreddah: