Ztream experiment

Got sum software sheeyat lazt night and it’s not as bad as I expected (my exceptionally poor capacity upload speed is a real problem). Vid drops frame at beginning, audio sucky :frowning: test stream which I did with the setting on private.

I wouldn’t mind streaming some impro tho tbh.

Ignore my jacket, I’m at least ten years too old to be wearing sheeyatz like dat :stuck_out_tongue:

Peculiar operadick medley in da middle of dis impro which was entirely a feasibility study…

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I’m planning to live stream some impro tomorrow via my tube channel. I’ll provisionally say for 1800 GMT. I did another test today, weirdly the audio was sounding a bit 30s myztery penizt hissish, but I’ll give it a go and if it fucks up, it fucks up.

Da impro liveztream hopefully cummah in 20 minz! Will ztart it up in 15, cam etc in place. Not sure it’z gonna totally work but fo sho will try.

About to try…

hahaha da GENZUI LIVE GOLDEN AGE HIZZ :sunglasses:


hahaha I wanted to give one dollah but pozz not activated on diz channel :sunglasses:

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Haha not bothahed about dat atm, from my experiment last night da hizz goez once it convertz to a full vid, but early dayz wiv dis sheeyat fo moi atm…

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I also suspect the stream isn’t viewable while it’s converting unless you’re already on it… dunno!

haha twitch pozz a bettah platform fo diz zheeyat ?

The problem I think is my upload “speed”. I’ll go to speedtest…


But yeah, I might check twitch or periscope.


Haha, I’m using streamlabs auto logged into YT, I see sum mofoz reporting exactly dis HIZZ izzue when I do online diagnosis. Weird thing is I had a friend watching 100% live and they didn’t hear hiss, whereas not fully live playback haff lotz of it.

I c sum mofoz uzin da ZOOM alzo

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Yeah, I did a virtual meeting a few days ago thru it, but it was all spoken so I’ve no idea how it would react to 88 audio.

Guy I know iz uzin it foh online lezzonz if I rezheeyat correktly, so pozz shud work?

Maybe, but I’m trying to webcast it to potentially multiple viewers, I guess that’s not the same as sharing with one?

Plenty of time to learn though…

Tru I don’t really know how any of dat sheeyat workz :dong:

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It was giving me a spinning circle thing but probably on my end maybe

It’s really weird, if I try to play it in YT, it does that, and if I play the embedded vid in this thread it goes to the end of the stream and stops but if you move the time bar back to 6 mins or whenever I started playing you get the stream. :thinking:

With myztery penizt hizz… :tm: