New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

Not sure if this is useful, @ElGordito, but here you go.

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Dude looks like Jeffrey Epstein


he wishes


I have another bad idea after learning about midside for my Poon bootleg. (shame)

I figure out how to time and phase align multiple transfers now, so curious what happen if I transfer using mono cart and use that as mid and then record using a stereo cart with polarity reversed on one of the channels pushing the center image to the side

Then mix as if a mid side after time and phase align.

Might make more sense with fact we all listen to mono wrong by using stereo shits.

Hmm will drink several red bulls and do this for hours instead of prep for my morning meetings.

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Your job is that easy or are you just a savant?

Everybody is on vacation after annual meeting crunch last few weeks so I only have to meet with legal firms. Most of the hard work done with those guys back in december so meh.

Also I tried this mid side thing and it sound waaaay noisier than a regular transfer without much gain. Also freaked out the alignment algo.

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Have you taken a vacay since joining the illuminati fighters?

Less than 5 days total and worked easily twice that in weekends but they compensated me for those before year end which was cool.

They have euro style mega vacation here (20+ days a year). Because I get cashed out in CA on unused vacation I can walk away with over month of full pay and maybe 6 or 7 months of unemployment cuz they do yearly renewals in their employment agreements here. All said and done that would carry me through taking 2024 off without dipping into savings and while banking the earnings on house savings I dumped in t bills.

Everybody thinks I’m nuts for walking away and I’m like… uh… not work, get free money for most of the year, AND save around the same cuz my expenses cut by 2/3.

Thats how I’m justifying the burnout anyway :sunglasses:

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Employers won’t care about the year off?

That is why god made “consulting” lol

I was thinking about this the other day. If you have roughly 104 weekend days a year to yourself (lol nowadays) in which you fit all your non slave labor (lets bump to 114) assuming you can take vacation days at your job.

If I take 7 or 8 months off I’m basically earning 2 years of “free” life back at relatively low cost in this situation at an age when it’s more useful to me then when I’m oatmeal brained like the biden and trump.


Good for you. Enjoy the time off. Visit NYC so we can chill and watch obscure movies in tiny movie theaters with gourmet concession stand goodies.

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I’ll see if i can find a company to fly me out for an interview I’ll pass on there :sunglasses:

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I found an old transfer file from when I had access to good equipment.

Man this LP sounds better than the digital reissue dynamics and tone wise which got squished and sanitzed.

I think that was when I was experimenting with silicone coatings on vinyl then which sound pretty dang good! Will order and put on my garbage shellacs.

Ho’s Longo D 465

Fly out here and bootleg a TM pimp rectal

Perfecting the method first.

Kidnapping kit or bootleg kit? Poss both?

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Hiding her phone might be equally effective.

Can’t sleep again so reading about constrained layer damping.

Basically you put something squishy between to hard things and the shearing of the squishy thing transfer energy to heat. I don’t really buy tone arms are both perfect tracking mechanisms and perfect vibe energy absorbers - at least not in the low freq range that rapes the whole tonality of 78rpm records. Goal is to damp that range to reduce bad harmonics throughout signal.

I tried stuffing sorbathane between headshell and cartridge and stylus and cartridge and that worked from OK to good. Gonna fully decouble this bitch with my left over sorbathane and super glue it to cart top and at a ceramic layer above - no scews so fully decouples.

Will ruin headshell and cart but meh… I gotta know if it work :sunglasses:

I remember sorbathane need downforce to go viscoelastic. So use screws to hold sorbathane sandwich together.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: Clear as fuck.

If someone want a flac let me know. I think this ultra detailed outcome def the new TRUWAY


Thinking more about this and decide to go with this layering.

The white thing is EVA foam. This likely what your insoles are made from btw.

Also gonna experiment on friction front with introducing silicones again. I got some stuff with dimethylsiloxane that worked so great when messing around with Vinyl era stuff.

Getting properly weird

Friction + Noise Reduction + Damping Combo Test

Even running it all the way through I still like sorbathane better.