New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

Ultra sorbathane time! I decoupled the record from the platter along with what you see in the thumbnail. :sunglasses:

GLORIOUS! (at least on laptop speakers) It so clean i just add a little white noise to background after AI cleaning. Almost no chirpies or weird shit cuz trasfer so unfucked.

Update YouTube processing fucked this hard meh… gotta love tech monopolies

Bro!!! The noise reduced version actually tasteful

Its not terrible but a long way to go. I sadly busted the tip off that audio technica stylus tho. Distracted with work stuff while trying to damp the stylus for an all mechanical noise reduction attempt.

I still have the denon DL 102SD so don’t worry I can get at least another dozen valse oubliee transfers in :sunglasses:

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Maybe all the sick lost piano broadcasts just chilling at library of congress untransferred. !

Wow, I bet there still cool shit everywhere and it just not catalogued.

That guy from endpoint audio who make laser controlled cylinder players (super genius design) also does world’s best transfers. Mostly working on hollywood money projects but also did the 78s for the American Epic project. He also built a 1920s electrical recording system from scratch to see how they worked for that.

What oligarch do I need to blow to get him to transfer piano recordings?

This was recorded in 1927.

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Maybe ask him if he needs an intern during your break?

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I reached out on linkedin already to see if he would tell me how he did it. :sunglasses:


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I got an idea. His whole machine based on measuring and compensating for vertical and horizantal problems with the medium. I can’t build a tracking servo like he did but I could probably set up the stylus height and record centering a lot better.

The idea is to buy a very tiny laser that sits on top of the cartridge and track vertically and horizontally its movement on the far wall as i play a record and it travel the goove, adjust accordingly.

Def nip eccentricity and maybe help me set arm height best.

Lol eccentricity detectors cost thousands and i think I can make one for like 10 bucks.


I bought laser to measure eccentricity and vertical travel.

Eccentricity I can fix with hole reaming (favorite turntable phrase) and I think I can fit a small brush earlier in the travel path to help position the cartridge through its vertical travel without putting all the force on the stylus suspension. Probably get pretty close to what that guy is doing with his billion dollar machine.

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Fit for a tiny witch!

As expected the reduction of low freq fundamentals rolling harmonics through the transfers full frequency band makes it easier for noise reduction algo to do its thing. This from a 70 dollar cart cuz I broke my nice one so aside form that sounds like poo. edit: I EQ’d and not terrible. Will be sick as fuck when I get my next higher quality cartridge in.

is diz a gris-gris to ward off evil zpirits ?

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The horse hair absorbs the noise ghosts.


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Gonna need some graph paper.

Hmm, what if I coat the graph paper in glow in the dark ink? Then the travel path across the whole record would charge the ink plot and I could plot and average vertical to get arm height might in the middle of wobble.

Might be trickier for horizontal wobble tho. Guess I just do same for one rotation and measure left right?

Fuck, I am gonna need to learn some math to make sense of this possibly!

Maybe just gonna adjust stuff until it seems like its in the middle of the wobbles instead of do maths. :sunglasses:

Laser aligned Petri transfer with just click and rumble removal. He deserve more love from pianophiles.



Broken, doubtless