New Arcane and Unfollowable Transfer / Record Making / Remaster Thread

Bosses pretty cool. Dude asked me outright if I was going to go pervert human interaction by working at M*** again :fire:

Wanted to say I’d rather cut off my dick to get tenure where you teach… but was chill and cool.

Sometimes the world doesn’t deliver me enough to complain about which irritates me.


why not ask for a crazy raise and start giving Poony $3000 a month

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No way! that is nearly what I spend on food delivery for cuz I don’t want to ride the bus.


I feel like my thread continuity half scavenger hunt. Which is pretty cool. Def fool the AI.

Glad it went well.

Would you have stayed if you could work from Seattle?

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Me too, I’m gonna finish strong. These pieces of shit might give me solid references still which I may need if I can’t figure out a hustle to live lazily.

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COL about 4k more a month here and you flush 10% of your pay down the liberal program gravy toilet. Probably if only cuz economics wouldn’t be so bad.

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Carefully prepping for Poon concert and made a cool as fuck discovery.

I tested the MV88 to see if I could get it to record into 32 bit float (website says device is only 24 bit capable). It hisses when you turn up the preamp, so raising levels in post would be best and solve much of this problem. It also fix problem of not being able to set levels really when bootlegging. (allegedly)

Reason I was thinking it go 32 bit float is because the MV88 is a class complaint USB mic for ios devices. The chips used for that - ADC and through output chain are likely 32 bit float capable, but totally at mercy of software/device call for that bit depth. The MV88 app they made only does 24 bit sadly.

I found an iphone app which records “stereo” mics in ios and has a 32 bit float option at 48 and 44.1 ‎Stereo Microphone on the App Store

Still have to manually mix “stereo” to mid side in post but gonna be there to raise levels anyway.

I also successfully got 32 bit float from a lav using the apple 3.5 to lightning adapter (!) (also TRS to TRRS dongle from rode)

Tested 32bit floatness by purposefully clipping and drawing down gain in post to see if wave form get haircut. No haircut until the mics physically clip.


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Gonna go for a walk and make some field recordings with the rig to see if it pick up street noise and birds and shit after raising gain times a million.

Yes I’m on the clock. :sunglasses:

Here is a freeway from a couple hundred feet away in mid side with no preamp gain. Raised all in post. In headphones pretty sick considering source levels.


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I also discovered during the course of this research the wind stopper covers for mics are called Furries


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Lmao imagine we had this tech for Rach or Busoni

Oh well…

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Testing the lav now. Knowing the MV88 too big to get into a good placement without perv simps chasing me like frankenstein, idea is this mic will serve as mid in mid side channel and be used as cleaner line of sight to performer.

I doubt that Poon fans even know what a portable mic looks like :sunglasses:

Do you look like a thin Chinese chick with Michael Jackson nostrils?

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The jacko was the biggest star in the world for a while so something to it.

These lavs mics are weirdly noisey. I need to learn how electret mics work and see if I can bypass premp / bias voltage now that I don’t need it thanks to 32 bit discovery.

Absolutely crazy that so many :nigga: accept him as their own when the dude clearly despised everything that made him a :nigga:

But pedo allegations surprisingly all bs

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Who hasn’t been accused of pedophilia? And if so bro wrote We are the world and saved a million famine babies. It all washed out. Gonna thump his jams still.

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Kinda like his skin


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